Monday, June 05, 2006

At least one riding president has some guts

Well, it's Monday afternoon, almost the end of the working day here in The Centre of the Universe, and unless I've missed a memo Joe Volpe is still a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. I'm far from the first to ask, but allow me to do so again" WHY?

Judging by his behavior at the B.C. Federal Council (all the B.C. riding presidents and the LPC(BC) executive) meeting in Victoria this weekend, he won't be leaving the race any thing soon, doesn't believe he's done anything wrong, and is one arrogant guy.

You can read the full report over at Public Eye Online, but here's the short version. Volpe and Martha-Hall Findlay were in town and spoke to the meeting and took questions. Apparently Jason Walker, president of the Esquimalt-Juan De Fuca riding association (held by Keith Martin) was the only person there with the guts to call Volpe on the kiddie donations flap. Apparently Joe admitted no wrong doing and recycled the "the kids were inspired by one of my speeches" line of BS he spewed in the media last week. Not having a taste for BS, Jason walked out.

To quote Jason, via Public Eye Online:

"(Volpe) didn't say what happened was wrong. He just didn't get the fact that taking money from children in that way is wrong. And it shouldn't have happened....I was embarrassed. And I said so. And I left."

"The party is in a situation where we need win back the public trust. And we had just spent an entire day talking how we need to take the high road and rise above things and get back to business. And, unfortunately, in my opinion what happened with Mr. Volpe taking money from children sends the wrong message to Canadians. It sends the wrong message to our party. And his excuse for it was not acceptable."

Right on, Jason! Bravo! I agree wholeheartedly, and more people need to stand-up and start making these points. I'm glad at least one person in a leadership position in our party has done so.

As Public Eye also notes, Jason was "hassled" on his way out of the room by Volpe organizer and Scarborough-area MP Jim Karygiannis, who was pissed at him for even daring to raise the issue. The arrogance is just unbelievable!

Obviously Volpe is not going to do the right thing here. By allowing him to remain in the raise, we sanction his behaviour. This isn't a matter for Elections Canada; it's a matter for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Show Volpe the door!

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YYC Liberal said...


Manitoba Liberal said...

I could not agree more.

I've called upon Liberals in Manitoba to follow the lead and shame Volpe to drop out of the race over at my blog.

s.b. said...

Well said, not only should he be disqualified for the leadership racer he should be removed from Caucus.

Penny said...

I don't know whether the Party can remove him from the contest, but they could certainly disavow him!!

Someone let me know if he'll be anywhere near my riding (West Van Whatever) soon, so I can attend and walk out too!!!

The guy looks like slime, sounds like slime and does slimy things... Conclusion???

Manitoba Liberal said...

Young Liberal President Richard Diamond endorses Volpe coruption

It seems that Volpe has the support of our youth wing presdident because he knows Volpe is very ethical.

Red Tory said...

Who are the addlepated morons supporting this asshole (aside from the good folks at Apotex)? In addition to being tone deaf, are they completely and utterly retarded?