Monday, June 05, 2006

Like big daddy, like son?

The Queen's Park (Ontatio) Press Gallery is having their Spring Fling* on Wednesday. I gather it's like the Ontario provincial version of the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner in Ottawa.

Says the Toronto Star:

An off-the-record-event -- despite the best efforts of some in this space to rectify that -- the gallery show will boast humourous speeches, sketches and videos from Premier Dalton McGuinty, Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, NDP Leader Howard Hampton, and journalists.

I wonder though, have the press gallery Pooh-Bahs confirmed John Tory's attendance? After all, given that his mentor, Big Daddy Harper, is boycotting the federal event you'd think Johnny would want to show his solidarity with his federal father. I'm sure Stephen has sat Johnny down for a talk on the dangers of fraternizing with the evil media hordes.

Careful John, you don't want to upset Big Daddy. Or catch coodies.

* "Spring Fling"? Did my Air Canada flight on Saturday take me back to 1955? If so, I'd much rather attend an ice cream social. Or maybe a boxcar social, although I'm not sure just what one is. Or how about a sock hop?

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Prairie Kid said...

You make it sound like boycotting the dinner is a Conservative thing. Do you know who the first Prime Minister was to boycott the dinner? Yep. Pierre Trudeau. But I'm sure, unlike Harper, he had a good reason to do it.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Ahh yes, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, one of my favourite PMs and I'm sure your's too. Was he as popular on the Praries as he was in BC?

I'm glad Stephen Harper has choosen to emulate PET. The press gallery thing is a good first step. Next, if he'll get off a train in Calgary and give everyone the finger (the stampede is coming up) I may just make a donation to the CPC.

Prairie Kid said...

I don't think Stephen Harper is going to give anybody the finger. He might dress up as a Nazi and give a Hitler salute. I think that might be a fair tribute to Trudeau.

EX-NDIP said...

Hey BCER . . . it was PET that was the Nazi sympathiser . . . read the book about his youth that has just come out . . . as you know they were called the "National Socialist Party" in Germany in the 1930's . . . Pierre thought they were awsome.

The media dinner, like who cares . . . too bad you didn't get as excited when Chretien's immigration policies were allowing 50 odd terrorist and criminal organizations into this country!!!

Now not only do you have to watch for the flying bullets in TO, but stay away from landmarks and tall buildings!!!

A BCer in Toronto said...

Wow, three posts both Goodwin and Bob Rae would be impressed.

As for your terrorism rantings DIP, I could point out five or more reasons why you're full of horse manure but it's really not worth the effort.