Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Exploding laptops, Orchard, kiddie jail and hatred, oh my!

HEATING UP: You've probably heard that Dell is recalling 4.1 million laptop batteries because there's a minor risk of them, well, catching fire or exploding. That would certainly end any chance of my carrying on the family name. Being a Dell owner I went to the Web site, entered my battery's serial number and sure enough, it's on the recall list. I'll have a new one in 20 business days, they tell me. As long as it's by my business trip to New York next month…if we're still allowed to wear clothes on flights by then, never mind bring laptops.

ORCHARD TO DION?: "Unconfirmed reports" say David Orchard will hold a press conference today to endorse Stephane Dion. Given the sources, I tend to believe it. My own sources indicate Dion has promised Orchard in writing he won't merge the Liberals with the Conservatives. OK, I made that last one up. While Orchard has his baggage and I'm not a big fan, you can't be a Liberal without being a pragmatist so if he brings some members to the table that's good. And hey, I can't blame him for thinking Stephane is the best choice for the leadership. Is it a big deal or anything? No, and neither was Maurizio going to Bob. Still, a wise choice by David.

NAP TIME AT THE PEN: No stranger to the justice system himself, Justice Minister Vic Toews wants to start jailing 10 year olds. Is this the new Conservative child care plan? This is the same guy that sheparded legislation through the House to raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 a few months back. I don't have a problem with the last one. But how can someone be criminally responsible for their actions at age 10 but not competent to make a decision on sex until age 16? Anyway, speaking of getting tough on crime, the Calgary Herald off all places had a sensible editorial on the topic recently.

HATRED LIVES: I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but I was yet again when reading the hateful verbal diarrhea spewed by some on the right around Harper's non-attendance at the World Aids Conference. To listen to these people, AIDS is a gay disease and anyone that contracts it deserves to die. Take this Blogging Tory, Upper Canada Catholic, who seems to have forgotten that commandment about loving thy neighbour. UCC writes:

"Every baby who got AIDS from its mother, every person who received infected blood in a transfusion, all of them can trace the origin of their infections back to a very human choice to engage in conduct judged for thousands of years to be harmful to the human race."

Concerned that these voices are going unheard in the lilly liberal MSM? Fear not, for Peter Worthington picks up your torch of hatred and ignorance and brings it to the nation. Here's a few excerpts from his column:

"Certainly there are more votes available in Nunavut than there likely are at the AIDS get-together."

"The PM can't be everywhere, and what on earth makes an AIDS conference so special?"

"Like most Canadians who don't have AIDS and aren't HIV carriers, Harper probably isn't much interested in the topic."

"Why should Harper subject himself to this (potential booing), especially when there is no gain for him, his party, or Canada?"

Now Peter brings in that old fallacy, that AIDS is a gay disease:

"Perhaps Harper was showing taste and sensitivity by ducking the conference. At least he's not a hypocrite, and not sympathetic with the homosexual or same-sex marriage crowd who some feel are more susceptible to AIDS than the rest of us. Give him some credit for that."

Some feel, but not Peter of course. Nor Stephen, surely. Yeah, I give him buttloads of credit Peter.

"It's not as if Harper is cutting funding for AIDS, it's just that he isn't comfortable in that environment any more than the AIDS people would be comfortable socializing with someone like him."

Yeah, I saw Bill Gates at a conference a few months back and the guy freaked me out too. God, this guy is loony.

Let me just say that, putting aside this gay-bashing bullshit for a moment, Stephen Harper is supposed to be the Prime Minister of ALL Canadians, not just those he'd have over for Sunday afternoon tea. I really doubt he'd have been booed, but so what. You're the Prime Minister, Steve, grow a pair!

It brings to mind a line from the West Wing, when Bartlett is campaigning against Ritchie, who fails to show up for an important event. Talking to the media, Sam Seaborn says:

"If 90 per cent of success is showing-up, we're just happy there's someone standing-up for the other 10."

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Mike said...

"Every baby who got AIDS from its mother, every person who received infected blood in a transfusion, all of them can trace the origin of their infections back to a very human choice to engage in conduct judged for thousands of years to be harmful to the human race."

Really, its says in the Bible you aren't allowed to eat the meat and brains of monkeys? Because that how the virus crossed inot our species...

The Rat said...

1) You're welcome to Orchard. If you really want to be pragmatic, you might want to think about the price of Orchard's support.

2) Kiddie jail? How about a reasonable extension of the law to allow children who are not being helped by social services (or whose families are not supportive of that help)to come under a system where help can be compelled? But kiddie jail sounds better. I bet it will play as well as "scary" Harper did.

3) Why don't we just let K.D. Lang set the PM's schedule. Forget the war in Lebanon, there's an Out Games to attend (as opposed to the Gay Games, or the Pride Parade in Toronto, or the Pride Parade in Vancouver, all of which demand politicians attend). And sure the last time the AIDS conference was held in Canada the PM didn't attend (Hmm, wasn't he a Liberal, then?). But this time the PM must because, well, ummmm, . . . Hold on, why exactly must he attend again? If it isn't political, why should he attend this conference and not the one for heart disease (which kills more Canadians than AIDS) or the one for cancer (that kills more Canadians than AIDS). That's right, it is political. And like Chretien, I'm sure he has better things to do than attend a conference where organizers would prefer to embarrass the PM than achieve anything useful.

Alberta Report said...

Wow the homophobes are out today!

Doesn't it say something in the bible about not having sex with your cousin or you'll wind up with sloped forehead children who leave lame-assed conservative comments on blogs? Ahh yes, but I digress.

Sorry 'bout yer dell, dude. Should have bought a mac.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Hey Rat, long time no see.

1) I doubt it's much more than a bag of pucks.

2) Hey, if Vic wants to help children I'm fully onboard. I'm just not sure tossing them in jail is the way to go. Maybe a comprehensive early childhood education would help? Maybe expanding our social programs that seek to help at risk youth, and giving them more resources? An ounce of prevention, as they say.

3) Chretien should have gone too. I've said that in the past. I'm glad you're admitting that's where the Conservatives are setting the bar though, since I know how highly Conservative think of Jean. And, since you ask, I'd like to see Steve and the government get serious about cancer and heart disease too. Treating all three is a huge cost to our health care system,.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives don't change...

"An election is no time to discuss serious issues."

Kim Campbell, 1993

"Unfortunately, the issue has been so politicized this week that this is probably not the time for us to make additional announcements."

Stephen Harper, 2006

Carmi said...

I don't think I'll be getting a Christmas card from Dell this year.

But I DID convert at least one of their employees in TX into a regular reader of my blog.

So, let's look at the math:

1 crotchety analyst
4.1 potential flying bombs
1 new reader

I should do this more often!