Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is highly illogical Captain

I support the Vancouver Canucks, and I deeply dislike the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have endorsed Stephane Dion for the Liberal leadership. Therefore, Stephane Dion is a Canucks fan and he hates the Maple Leafs. Suck it Toronto.

But wait, you're saying my premise is complete and utter prairie pie? I'd tend to agree, but not everyone does.

According to this illogical logic, there's a few questions I'd like to ask Michael Ignatieff based on some of the endorsements he has received.

1. Why are you against same sex marriage? (Derek Lee, John Cannis, John McKay, Paul Szabo)

2. Why do you support private health care? (Keith Martin)

3. Why do you not support stem cell research? (Paul Szabo)

P.S. I like Iggy (and Keith Martin). I also like logic and dislike the ridiculous twisting of logic in the name of partisanship.

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robedger said...

Very funny. I tried the same sort of analogy in my comments section, only to have people make the same faulty arguments right underneath my post.

Oh well.

Cerberus said...

It is indeed a funny post. Except the TDH post you link to (and the post of mine he links to) don't make any attempt to impute support by Dion for Orchard's views.

TDH asks a few questions about some odd interpretation of history as well as some odd overlooking of some history in Dion's op-ed piece. Jeffry Simpson (I believe it was him) raised some of the same questions. TDH merely links it to Orchard in that putting in such references to Kosovo would have ruffled Orchard's feathers (being a supporter of Milosovic).

As for my post, I also don't impute anything on Dion. Obviously, he's got his own views on things. I just questioned whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for Dion, indeed whether it is a good thing or a bad thing for the party in general.

Anonymous said...

What a burn. Nice post.

Cerberus said...

Another thing, as the announcement has not happened and Dion has not said anything, it is kind of like a "be careful Dion" kind of warning about Trojan horses. Say nothing much about the endorsement (don't endorse the endorsement) and certainly don't pen an op-ed piece together in the Globe.

And, if you like the Habs (as every hockey-lover ought), don't make a big deal about Jeff's deviant hockey endorsements.


Zac said...

I keep telling you Jeff, you'll become a member of the Leaf's Nation eventually.

Bob The Red said...

I didn't know Vancouver still had a hockey team. Is Dale Tallon still playing for them?

TDH Strategies said...

Funny post, but you obviously didn't read my post very carefully.

I have posted my response to your accusations on TDH.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Ted, I thought your post was a touch more nuanced, which is why I didn't like to it. I think TDH, though, went a little further. And a Habs fan? You're already a lawyer so that's like strike one. You're a Habs fan too? Well, at least you don't like the Leafs.

And Zac, man, we're not even going there.

Bob, if only we'd picked Gilbert Perault instead. C'est la vie.

Jonathan, accusations? A touch harsh mon ami. I read your response though, and thank-you for the kind words. And for calling me sly, that was cool.

I still stand by my post however. And it's not a Dion thing, I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity defender of truth, justice and the Canadian way. I've even stood up for Ignatieff from time to time.

While I will grant you I may have exagerated slightly for the sake of humour, with the questions you wrote you seem to indicate(in your own sly way) that you feel David is influencing Stephane's perspective on these issues, implying he is coimng around to his way of thinking and/or shares his views.

While I linked to you as an example as it was the straw that drove me to post, many others over the past day have more directly, and less slyly, tried to argue that Dion must share some of Orchard's, shall we say more wacky, views. My point was merely that just because some endorses a candidate, it doesn't mean the endorser shares all the endorsee' views.

Why, I'd even bet Dion is a Habs fan, and I don't hold that against him.

Peter Loewen said...

So why didn't Dion make mention of Kosovo?

And, just since we're asking, does he think Milosevic is a modern day Abe Lincoln? Just asking.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I have no idea Peter, you'd have to ask him.

If Ken Dryden has stayed with the beard he might have qualified for modern-day Lincoln status. He certaintly has the height, and I think he'd look quite dapper in the hat.

burlivespipe said...

Too funny. It also gives the incredibly stiff TDHuh! post about someone else's response to one of his myopic meanderings without giving others the opportunity to counter his on his own site -- his right, but those who've met the TDHuh will likely agree smooth dialogue is not his strongpoint...

Anonymous said...

Very harsh! I've met TDH and found them to be most interesting people. Or him to be an interesting person. Or something.

But, while their (his?) political analysis isn't usually on the mark and their (his?) sensitivity to criticism is high, they (he?) are (is?) (a?) good people (person?).

Davenport Liberal said...

At least, Dion and I agree on hockey.

You forgot to mention
John Cannis, Paul Sazbo, and Ruby Dhalla went to Ignatieff because he promised to protect them in nomination contests.

Considering Ignatieff had a difficult time to win a rigged nomination meeting I can see his fear.

Bcer you a Canuck fan?

Anonymous said...

This month alone, on TDH's blog, he mentions Stephane Dion 48 times.

He is basically an obsessed stalker

Anonymous said...

Rivals Michael Ignatieff's op-ed linking Ronald Reagan and GW Bush with Thomas Jefferson ( link).