Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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As mentioned earlier, I’m down in sunny Orlando for a conference. Not much time for in-depth blogging, but in-between conference sessions (Hudson’s Bay Co. is about to talk about how they’re using data warehousing to prevent fraud) and dips in the Dolphin and Swan’s pools (including trips down the water slide, such fun) I’ve been trying to keep up to date in happenings back in the True North Strong and Free.

Here’s a few stories that have caught my eye:

Conservatives crippling the justice system: A story in the Globe today indicates the Conservatives are letting scores of appointments to the judiciary, the National Parole Board and the Immigration and Refugee Board go vacant, grinding these needed systems to a halt. Here’s the money quote from an unnamed veteran federal tribunal member: “They are in the process of slowly paralyzing the system of justice in the country.” During the election they promised to depoliticize the appointments process, but that was proven to be a hollow promise when he tried to make a Conservative fundraiser as his appointments czar.. Is he perhaps having a hard time finding qualified Conservatives to fill these appointments?

Pushing the Cons on leaky condos: Via the Vancouver Sun comes word a group representing B.C.’s leaky condo owners is giving the Conservative government until Sept. 30 to clarify its position around the issue of a review of the issue. You’ll recall during the campaign Harper promised a review, and hinted at federal compensation, but once his government was sworn in their story changed. Minister Diane Finley says because of (years old) legal challenges there can be no review and they can’t comment further. However, Con MP John Cummins hasn’t gotten the new song sheet, he told constituents the review is still on.

The firings will continue until morale improves: Via Harper Bizarro comes a shocking story in the Victoria Times Colonist. It seems Conservative cabinet lightweight (and Natural Resources Minister) Gary Lunn has fired a civil servant, a scientist no less, because the fellow refused to refer to “Canada’s New Government” instead of the “Government of Canada.” As the scientist said, “We’re not here to mouth political slogans.” That truth was enough to lose him his job. The dismissal is being appealed. Perhaps the politicization replaced wait times among the five priorities?

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1 comment:

Penny said...

"Canada's New Government" sounds as if we'd had a coup and a whole new group had installed themselves. That Schweinhund (sorry, but I am really peeved right now!) answered a question from Jack Layton today about a government apology to Maher Arar by pointing out that his arrest happened under the previous government.

I can't express it properly - yet - but I find this very frightening.