Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A BCer exclusive: Shocking Liberal leadership scandal!

I do this with a heavy heart, but I have always tried to approach this blog journalistically. And so as a journalist, and as a loyal Liberal, I feel I have no choice but to bring this information to light before this weekend's delegate selection meetings.

When I first received this e-mail tip from a reader I was skeptical, but as I diligently conducted my own research over the past week and I examined the evidence I realized that I could only come to one, inescapable conclusion: During the 1970s, at the height of the Cold War, Ken Dryden was a secret agent for Soviet intelligence.

Whether he was working for the KGB or the GRU (Soviet military intelligence) is unclear, but the fact he was working for Soviet intelligence is clear.

For example much evidence is available, if you look for it, on the public record that indicates in the fall of 1972, when he should have been preparing for the upcoming NHL season, Dryden visited the Soviet capital of Moscow for more than one week. What were you doing in the capital of our enemy, Mr. Dryden? Hmm?

What's more, during his trip to Moscow, documentary evidence indicates Dryden was seen in the presence of several officers of the Soviet Red Army, including one Vladislav Tretiak, who retired from the Red Army in the 1980s with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Tretiak received high Soviet military honours, including the Order of Lenin in 1978 and the Order of the Red Banner in 1984. Perhaps rewards for his fine handling of his star Canadian spy?

I don't like having to do this, but is important for Mr. Dryden to come clean about his espionage record BEFORE Liberals vote for the leadership this weekend. Mr. Dryden, what secrets did you pass to our enemies? Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?

Major hat tip to "Kenneth Dryden" for putting me onto this shocking story.

Watch for my future exposes, where I reveal that Bob Rae used to be, gasp, the NDP Premier of Ontario, and also that Michael Ignatieff has apparently spent some time outside Canada in recent years. Still chasing that one down; it seems he might have written some books too.

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Saskboy said...

If I were dead, and still a Liberal, I'd have a hard time deciding whether I wanted to vote for Volpe, or Ignatieff. I think speaking to the dead, and getting money from them is an excellent quality for a PM.

Anonymous said...

Saskboy is behind in his news - Ignatieff have investigated and cleared up the issue and written to McKinnon with "backup" to validate their findings. This is a non-issue anymore.

But, I heard a really good secret on the news at noon - the auditor general's report said that the Liberal government were disorganized on their environmental stuff - BUT the report (good news for Dion) is more flattering than the neo-cons would like and apparently it's a problem for Harper because the AG has some recommendations that Harper apparently will try to put in his environmental package - the journalist said what this really meant to her was that Harper obviously doesn't have a complete package yet.

I'm not a Dion supporter (well he might be my second choice) but I thought the AG report and what the neo-cons would do with it could hurt him. The SECRET - seems Dion is disorganized - oh gosh.

Aristo said...

I also understand that Dryden also was part of an elite organization, many others of who also travelled to Russia.
These people went to "training camps" annually to update their abilities, what did they learn in these camps? Were the camps perhaps precursers to the Al Quida camps in Afganistan.
They also travelled extensivly over Canada meeting each other and examining public facilities.
What is Mr Drydens relationship with Osama Bin Ladin

A BCer in Toronto said...

Communing with the dead worked for Mackenzie King, but anon is right the matter has been settled re: iggy.

On the ag's report, it's not surprising that it's not as bad as was first leaked, I suspect the original leak was designed to make it seem worse for Dion in the run-up to super weekend.

Cerberus said...


You have only half the story. This is all part of the Soviet-Quebec-Communist liberalization of Canada.

Look at the evidence: during the 1970s the Soviet Union was at its height of power. At the same time, not only does Canada give Trudeau, from Quebec and an acknlowledged communist, the reigns of power over Canada, but the Montreal hockey team demolishes all other North American teams spreading its red emblem across the land indoctrinating many young boys with thier radical ideology and displaying the big "C". You think that "C" stood for Canadiens??? Ha! Just ask Harold Ballard.

That the Soviet Union and the Habs empires collapsed at the same time during the 1980s is not a coincidence. And just like there was the start of civil war in the Soviet Union, there was a new left flank of communism in Quebec fed up with the collapse. They called themselvs the Nordiques.

But they too are now gone. Freedom and liberty and capitalism reign supreme everywhere! We even got rid of the communist headquarters and moved the cleaned up, anglicized Habs into the Bell Centre.

s.b. said...

Makenzie King used to speak to the dead all the time, especially his mother and consulted his dog on foreign policy. PErhaps knowing the dead is a Prime Ministerial quality.

Olaf said...


You're misguided. Dryden was in Russia playing hockey for team Canada, as a close inspection of the link you provided confirms. I'd appreciate it if you, and the rest of the party "establishment" would stop attacking Dryden merely based on his ethnicity. You make me sick.

Zac said...

I heard that Scott Brison used to be a Tory. Look into that as well Jeff. We should be informed of our choices.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Yeah, you're right Olaf, I'm a self-hating white male. We suck!

Bob The Red said...

AT the time, Dryden was also working in concert with agent from the Italian Carabiniari -- apparently someone named Esposito.

Mike said...

I humbley await tonight's installment on CBC to see if ken can redeem himself, with some help from uber-anti-Comunist Frank Mahovolich.


Penny said...

It's obvious there was collusion of the worst sort between Dryden and that commie pinko, Tretiak...!

As for the Russki, Mahovlich, and Espo the Eyetalian, don't forget: there were two of each of them on the team, and. you know, 2 and 2 = 4!

That gang clearly weren't Canadian enough for us to be remembering where we were on the day, much less claiming it as a "Canadian" victory....

You know, what with all these spies and foreigners running for office, I don't know what this country is coming to....

One way of sorting out the real Canadinas from the Interlopers, the next time you see Iggy, or any other questionable Canadian, get him to pronounce the letter "z." That'll tell you all you need to know!