Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lessons in being Prime Ministerial, Chapter one

Today I bring you Chapter One in Lessons in Being Prime Ministerial with the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper.

Speaking to reporters in Romania, where the Francophonie summit officially opens on Thursday, Mr. Harper said that Mr. Martin approved the current mission and should not criticize it.

"The fact Mr. Martin is incapable of sticking by his decisions explains why he is no longer the prime minister of Canada," Mr. Harper said.

Shorter Stephen Harper:

"Na na na boo boo, I won, you lost, you're smelly, ha ha!" Mr. Harper said.

This brings to an end chapter one in
Lessons in Being Prime Ministerial with Stephen Harper.

To briefly analyze the validity of Harper's comments though, I went back to try and find what Martin had said that got Steve-o so hot and bothered, because I didn't recall hearing anything. Finally I found this Toronto Star piece, read for yourself some of the "criticism" Martin levelled:

"I'm the person who sent them there and I don't back away from that one iota."

Yeah, that sure sounds like he's not sticking by his decision Steve. Here's some more:

But he made it plain that the ongoing mission is not the one he approved.

"I approved a 3-D approach," he said, referring to what military planners also call the "whole government approach," involving diplomacy, defence and development.

"We are doing the defence," he said. "In fact we are doing the defence quite aggressively — and you can't do it passively.

"But are we doing the amount of reconstruction, the amount of aid that I believe was part of the original mission? The answer unequivocally is that we're not. And I believe that we should."

Gee, a little context sure makes your little temper-tantrum look pretty pathetic, doesn't it Steve? Go find another strawman to attack.

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Red Tory said...

Brings to mind Clinton and his counter-attack on Fox News Sunday. The guy took responsibility for his decision, admitted he failed, but asserted that at least he’d tried. Martin stands by his decision and hasn’t backed down at all. Damp squibs like Harper can posture all they want, but when push comes to shove, they can’t make the difficult decisions, let alone take responsibility for them.

Lolly said...

It is good to hear Paul Martin is in the news making pertinent statements. The 3 D approach, diplomacy, defence and developement, all have to be delivered for success. More should be written about the Canadian- initiated doctrine of responsibility to protect.
This is good information , thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It was quite clear where the war in Afghanistan would be today, no matter what government was in power, from Defence Minister Bill Graham's so called "body bag" tour of Canada a year ago. It was warned then that Canada was entering on a new phase of fighting in the south and that it would be bloody. If Mr. Martin did not realize his full on combat commitment to the south would overwhelm the other rebuilding and "feel good" aspects of the mission, then perhaps he was being short-sighted or naive..

fragmunt said...

I call BS on comments from anonymous! Neither you or Harper can hang THE WAR on Martin who had a clear division twixt what the two of you 'wish' he did and where he had Canada's chosen position.
It's naieve to suggest Canada had to end up on the front lines, leading a goofy war and it's equally naieve for Harper to suggest Martin is the author of Canada on the front lines.
This is Harpers war; he chose to kiss yankee ass, it was he wanting to impress his new friend, "the Devil", that dragged our troops onto the front lines. Actually, like his draft dodging buddy, Harper pushed Canada over the edge from a safe postion at the rear while smiling for photo's aimed at Republican America.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I had that sane thought Red. Hopefully Liberal leaders will follow Bill's example and confront attempts to rewrite history vigurously and head on.

Anonymous said...

Well, fragmunt, you choose to ignore reality and live in your own private bubble. Have a look at the press from exactly one year ago:

National Post - September 15, 2005
Ottawa's Afghan warning:

Bill Graham expected to tell nation troops will die

By Mike Blanchfield

OTTAWA - Defence Minister Bill Graham will head across the country in coming weeks to prepare Canadians for the likelihood of casualties during the Forces' new mission in southern Afghanistan, where they are expected to engage insurgents.

Military insiders are referring to Mr. Graham's foray as the "pre-body bag" speaking tour. <<

So now we see Mr. Graham's words coming true in spades. Please tell me how my interpretation of Canada going into the front lines in southern Afghanistan under PM Martin & Bill Graham is off the mark? Is your memory too short? It was only a year ago. Go back and do some reading. We won't be starting Harper's extension of the mission until after 2007.

The difference between You/Martin and Harper is that Harper doesn't try to distance himself from THE WAR, as you put it. He realizes our troops are there, put there by our Liberal government, and he stands behind them. Be proud of the forces you put there. Don't be ashamed by them. Your desire to fade yourself out of the picture is just a sad joke. Have some balls to finish what you started.

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