Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All over Dublin...

...people are telling me they think Stephane Dion’s English is bloody class, he’s a fine bit of stuff and how all his opponents seem like stocious puss faces . There was much talk about the ROBTV debate, watched live here on satellite, and the consensus Iggy was shook for not taking part.

Much interest in his environmental platform in the pubs, and his plans for sustainable development. Some talk of Gerard too, who surprisingly seems to own a pub “Kennedy’s” in downtown Dublin. Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

The Irish don't vote here and their opinion when a biased person is in their presence really doesn't count.

But, nice try.

My Irish girlfriend doesn't care for Dion. She just got her citizenship when the Jan election was on and was so mad because she didn't get it in time to vote.

She says he hasn't got one bit of charisma - she calls him the French Nerd.

Well, that's her opinion.

Ah, why didn't Dion fight back when Rona Ambrose "lied" about the 100 million dollars spent (that really weren't). Why didn't he defend the Liberals?

Anonymous said...

Well, the rest of the candidates weren't asked to take part - they had every right to. They paid their $50,000 and have been working hard on the campaign trail and had a right to input ideas.

Good thing the debate wasn't that important or I'd really be mad.

Ya, thanks for point it out Anon - why didn't Dion defend the Liberals?

mississaugapeter said...

Debate highlights...

...CTV style.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, their views after how many tankers of ale?

Anonymous said...

Okay, enough with the very lame Ignatieff camp spin for him refusing to debate the other top 4 candidates.

The other candidates cannot win. Yes, they paid their $50,000 but they have had 4 debate opportunities already.

It is time to be responsible to us, the rank and file Liberals who are dishing out $2000 to go to this convention and having to miss work. We want to see the top 4 in a debate. It is time.
We deserve our money's worth too.

Anonymous said...

Ironic..isn't it? The Liberal left is ALWAYS telling us that Stephen Harper is so "Bush like" ...and yet this is the party that is getting ready to elect as their leader the "honourable member" from Massachusett...the good old U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Misinformed people are pathetic. Ignatieff is not from Boston. He taught there for 4 years - enough already.

I've just ready where Dion has two citizenships - Canada and France. Is this allowed? The GG had to give up her French citizenship. What goes here?

Anonymous said...

It's not being about an Iggy supporter - I'm not. It's about fairness. Don't forget some people donated to certain candidates campaigns and they have a right to get their money's worth too.

We don't know what position these peope might hold some day and their views and input are very important.

petroom said...

There are tons of Canadians in Ireland; a good hundred study medicine I've heard, and there are a lot of business ex-pats in the country.

The second biggest Irish network is owned by CanWest, plus the Holt Renfrew of Ireland is owned the Westons and flies a Canadian flag.

One important fact, Tim Horton's donuts and some coffee is available in lots of shops... scary.

And another fact, Ireland raises the most Terry Fox Run money outside of Canada.

JAH Strategies said...

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