Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meditations on clouds, culture and club sandwiches

I went to Chapters last weekend to pick up some reading material for my flight to Dublin. My tastes tend to skew toward John Grishman and Tom Clancy, but I decided to try to become a little more cultural and, wanting to get into the mood, I decided to pick-up a book by an Irish author.

My selection? A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. Waiting in the lounge in Pearson I cracked open the book, tried to read the first page…and yeah, that’s not going to happen. I’m not cultured, I’ve come to accept that now. From here on out is spy, war and politics books for me.

But why read when you can watch the clouds? They can be mesmerizing at times. And so wide and varied. As a young air cadet I learned all the different types of clouds and their names, that information has long since been expunged from my mind though. These clouds though look like a soft, warm blanket, almost comfortable enough to lay down on. That’s not recommended though.

And finally, had a club sandwich at Pearson before my flight. The bread wasn’t toasted! It just didn’t taste right. In fact, it wasn’t good at all. I thought it was standard practice to toast the bread on a club sandwich. Am I totally off base here?

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Wednesday Keller said...

Nah club sandwiches come both toasted and un-toasted. Kinda like how Caesar salads sometimes come with bacon and sometimes don't. I prefer it toasted myself because the bread doesn't get soggy with the mayonnaise.

Sorry to hear about the bad sandwich though.

Olaf said...


Kudos on calling out all of those anti-toastites, as I call them.

I'm hoping that the NDP will finally do something worthwhile and table a private members bill mandating that all sandwiches who call themselves "club" must include toasted bread.

I'm not holding my breath, as they will probably see it as a violation of the sandwiches s. 15 right to non-discrimination.

Ok, I'm done.