Friday, November 10, 2006

And we're going to Quebec! YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!

So, Mr. Crazy himself, Howard Dean, will be the keynote speaker at the Liberal convention in Montreal in a few weeks. Interesting. Wouldn't have been my first choice if we were dipping into the Democratic talent pool, but whatever.

I wonder though, does it make me a bad Liberal because my initial reaction to this news was that this was the second American keynote speaker at a Liberal leadership convention in a row? :)

I know, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.

Although, wouldn't Howard be an exciting candidate in the next Liberal leadership race?

"And we're going to Ontario! And we're going to go to Newfoundland! And we're going to British Columbia! And then we're going to Ottawa to take back 24 Sussex Drive! Yeeaaahhhhh!"

Alright, carry on.

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Kyle Carruthers said...

If Howard Dean were a Canadian he would probably have a decent chance at leading the Liberal Party as his alleged "liberal" views arent as scary to us as them. I actually happen to like Howard Dean, but was glad that the Dems didnt choose him (not that it ended up making a difference anyways) as Americans just arent ready for his type.

Of course that was before "the scream".

JJ said...

I hear you BCer. I wish we had opted for a Canadian too... maybe it's just cause I am feeling saturated with American politics and politicians these day and I was looking forward to my leadership convention homecoming being a celebration of all thing great about Canadian politics.... Maybe you could suggest some Canadian options...just for fun?

s.b. said...

Yeah I find the choice a bit disappointing myself. He knows how to grassroots fundraise. So? I'd rather hear from Hillary on women in politics of Louise Arbour Frechette or any other number of people. I guess I would have liked a women key note speaker given the lack of women in the Leadership race. oh well.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Liberals need "winning" speakers and Dean helped dramatically the lead in Congress and the Senate in the U.S.

Can you readily think of any Canadian liberals to speak that are known winners at the moment?

Steve V said...

I love Dean, but what horrible optics to pick an American to be keynote speaker. This announcement is a head scratcher, and implies Canada lacks someone of Dean's stature.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, c'mon. Canadians are naturally progressive, and outsiders rarely have anything to tell us. Dean will imbue the whole boring Liberal convention with the exotic delights northern people expect of visitors from the steamy and mysterious regions to the South.

I heard Dean (and the rest of his people) has two heads. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

this is the best the party has?
wheres the beef?

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about Howard Dean's nationality, politics or political judgment. He know how to do something not a single Liberal, nor the Party collectively, seems to know how to do - raise money in the Internet age.

Liberals have been OK raising 50 grand a pop, even so-so at $5400. Dean can show Liberals how to raise 10 bucks at a time.

I would have thought the blogosphere would be the first place to offer congratulations to the visionaries who invited a speaker who really has something to offer.

Bud said...


Conservatives are too cozy with the Americans.
Howard Dean . . . .

Harper is in bed with the Republicans.
James Carvelle . . . .

And most Liberals and most of the MSM complained bitterly about Frank Luntz speaking to the Conservatives.

Seems to me this is the typical Liberal attitude. It's OK as long as we do it.

Ti-Guy said...

Seems to me this is the typical Liberal attitude. It's OK as long as we do it.

Damn right. We're opposed to slaughtering Iraqis, after all.

I like that idea..."Vote Liberal...We're not Stupid" "Vote Liberal...we won't kill your family." "Vote Liberal...all of our queers are out the closet."

...etc. etc.

Olaf said...

I friggen loved the scream... I thought it was not only hilarious but showed that he's passionate about what he's doing. Isn't that a good thing?

I never understood why the scream was so damning for Deaner, even though it did make him look borderline psychotic. Oh, well I guess that's why then.

Anonymous said...

Well, where are the complaints about Harper speaking in the U.S. at their neo-con think tanks - members being Messrs. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to name a few -"putting down how own country".

I bet Dean won't put down his country - he's been summoned to help.

Demosthenes said...

Considering that Dean pioneered the kind of net-based small donor fundraising (and, importantly, activism) that helped propel the Dems to victory and that the Liberals so desperately need...

...I think there definitely could have been worse choices.

(Hillary, for one. Her brand of political fundraising and organizing is precisely what the Liberals need to get away from.)

petroom said...

When I wasn't yet able to support Dion's leadership, I spent my internet time supporting Dean's.

The two guys are the real deal. Much of the Dems winning is attributed to Dean not taking no for an answer.

I hope he winks at Dion in his speech.

That would be a freakish liberal north american coalition. I can dream, can't I?

PS - Dean's scream in reality was not that loud, just seemed that way on the TV mics. I'm sure the "in-room" footage is on YouTube.

Bob The Red said...

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the speaker at the last convention . . . Michael Ignatieff?

Fred Mc said...

Oh fu*k, the libs are in bed with the Americans.

Guess now we can look forward to having to send troops to Iraq.

And now you can forget about Kyoto as well. Opps, there goes Dion down the drain.

robedger said...

I don't think Dean is a bad choice at all. Obviously, in terms of others from the Democrat talent pool, Obama would have been great too.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I think Howard does have a lot to teach about grassroots fundraising, and that's a lesson we sorely need. But that's a topic for a Liberal University session, not a prime time, rouse the troops keynote.

I'm sure Howard would be fine, but if we were going to go South I'd have rather someone like Obama. Or Bill, but he's been here a lot lately. Or, if we really want to piss off the righties, Michael Moore.

On the Libs bashing the Cons for their US ties. It's not US ties, it's Republican ties we bash. That's because most Canadians don't mind the Dems and strongly dislike the Republicans. Unfair? Sure, but that's the way it is.

Saskboy said...

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