Monday, November 13, 2006

Digging a (bitchy) hole

It's not just a Beatles song, but it's Stormin Norman Spector too. Last week was a busy work week, and with a touch of the cold I've gotten behind on my blogging, but I didn't want to let this story from last week slip by without comment.

Following the controversy over his calling Liberal MP Belinda Stronach a bitch on a radio show (background here and here) apparently Norman went back on CNKW in Vancouver last week to inform British Columbians that yep, Belinda is still a bitch.

Reports 24 Hours:

Spector re-appeared on CKNW 980's The Bill Good Show yesterday, arguing that according to the dictionary, the word 'bitch' was an appropriate term to describe Stronach's "treacherous crossing of the floor.

Spector's tough talk didn't fly with 24 hours' political columnist Bill Tieleman.

"You can use any word you like, but [when you use that language], you sound more like a gangster rapper than a political commentator," Tieleman fired back.

"I am using a precise word in the English language to characterize the treacherous behaviour that she has displayed. If the shoe fits, then she should wear it," Spector responded.

He noted Stronach shouldn't wait by the phone for an apology any time soon.

As I said earlier, what an asshole. According to Webster's, an asshole is: a stupid, incompetent, or detestable person. A precise dictionary term that seems to fit, I think.

I've had a few people ask me how they can get in touch with Norman, and/or the people that put him on tv, radio and in the newspaper. Well, ask and ye shall receive, eventually.
If you've like to drop Norman a line to question his choice of language or thank him for his efforts in raising Canadian political discourse, here's his coordinates:

Norman's e-mail:

And if you'd like to write some of the organizations that give him a pulpit to thank them for bringing us his fascinating political insights or ask they why someone that calls people bitches is their choice for expert political commentary, here's a few addresses:

CKNW Programming department

Web Form

CKNW's Bill Good

Web form

Globe and Mail, Patrick Martin, comment editor

Vancouver Sun, Fazil Mihlar, editorial pages editor

Victoria Times Colonist, feedback

CBC, Politics with Don Newman

Web form

CTV Newsnet, Mike Duffy Live

Be nice now, and remember to watch your language.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the contact list - I'm going to start writing this afternoon.

Unfortunately, I think Spector's "twisted" mind likes this attention.

After all, who really listens to a "failed" patronage appointee of Mulroney.