Monday, November 13, 2006

Why not Enchantment Under the Sea?

Breaking news from Liberal Party HQ. The waiting is over: A theme has been selected for the leadership convention in Montreal.

The theme? Choices that Count.

Because if you're going to be making choices, why not make ones that count?

Says the LPC:

The theme reflects the wishes of delegates who will be making the important decisions over the course of the week regarding Party policy, leadership, and structural renewal.

“The theme is the product of the work of Québec-based Liberals, and reflects the historic, powerful choices that delegates will have to make throughout the Convention,” said Nancy Girard, Vice President (Québec) of the Party and member of the Party’s Convention Organizing Committee.

I definitely thing it's an improvement over the theme from our last leadership convention: The Last 10 Years Never Happened. I am disappointed though that my theme suggestion, Enchantment Under the Sea, didn't make the cut. Maybe it didn't translate well?

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1 comment:

James Curran said...

Well, it's a vast improvement over the theme Quebec had at its meeting on October 21st: "We don't much care about the rest of the Liberal party... we're a Nation"

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