Thursday, November 23, 2006

CBA endorsements, and a thank-you

The results for the first round of voting for the Canadian Blog Awards are in and I won't be moving on to the second round. I received a lot of support though, and I'd like to thank everyone that took the time to vote for me.

Here's how I fared:

Best New Blog: 7th with 86 votes, just missed the cutoff by 7 votes. Maybe next year?

Best Progressive Blog: 16th with 36 votes, 31 votes below the cutoff.

Best Blog: 57th with 28 votes, 73 votes below the cutoff.

I really appreciate all the support, it's heartening to know some people actually find some interest in my sometimes incoherent scribbling.

A lot of my favourite blogs didn't move on too, which was unfortunate. Indeed I don't recognize any of the top blog top five. I think that's a testament to the bench strength of the progressive blogging team, there's so many good blogs in the progressive sphere our vote split among them.

There are a few blogs still in the running that I'll be supporting in round two:

Best Conservative Blog
: The Prairie Wranglers. Sure, Olaf is conservative but he's not dogmatic. We often disagree but we can have a real debate on facts, not rhetoric, and I've found that all too rare on the conservative side of the blogshpere.

Best Progressive Blog
: Calgary Grit. What can I say about CG, he was an early pioneer whose example encouraged many, myself included, to give blogging a try. Consistently produces the most well reasoned, thoughtful and insightful commentary.

Best Group Blog
: The Galloping Beaver. And not just because they were one of the first blogs to put me on their sidebar when I was first starting-out. They regularly produce a wide range of interesting and thoughtful posts.

Best Humour Blog: The Frog Lady. Who can forget the South Park caricatures? A very funny lady. Sure, so is Rick Mercer (funny, not a lady), but his blog was awol for months, and now it seems to be just the rant from his show each week.

Best Media Blog
: Inkless Wells. Even with the jazz interludes, still great, regularly updated commentary that makes you think, and with the personal edge that separates blogging from columnizing.

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calgarygrit said...

It says a lot about blogs that having started in 2004 makes me an "early pioneer"...

Olaf said...


This is a great line:

Best New Blog: 7th with 86 votes, just missed the cutoff by 7 votes. Maybe next year?

Thanks for the endorsement - much appreciated.

See, you should have just been a conservative all along, apparently there is little competition over here on the 'right'.

Anonymous said...

The Next Agenda went fishing for votes on DailyKos, an american political blog. Does that mean these results are skewed?

The Frog Lady said...

Muchos thankos for the endorsement!

As for Quebec - the only nation I recognize is the Colbert Nation!

But in all seriousness, I really wish some politician somewhere out there would say something like this to explain why they're voting no:

"Quebec is multilingual, it is multicultural, and above all, it is multinational. Trying to describe Quebec as one ethnic nation is too narrow. It does not recognize the incredible diversity of Quebec society within Canada."

I dunno... something like that.

A BCer in Toronto said...

It says a lot about blogs that having started in 2004 makes me an "early pioneer"...

Hey, I'm trying to do some marketing for you here! But seriously, I think the progressive side of the blogsphere developed a lot more slowly then the Conservative side did. Just look at the phenomenal growth in the progressive side over the past year, I think we're just now getting towards some critical mass. So, in that context, 04 is early.

Olaf, I do think with another year under my belt I have a real shot and cracking the best new blog top five. Even if it takes two more years, I'll get there.

And you're welcome. As are you froglady, and you make a good point.

Anon, I think all is fair in love, war and internet popularity contests. I wouldn't loose sleep over it.