Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pourquoi? Waarom? Warum? Perchè? Porque? Porqué?

For those nations I've missed, I'm sorry. But rather then ponder why we're mired in this nation morass, I'd like to present to our political "leaders" the Top Ten issues that members of the Canadian nation are much more concerned about and would rather see the political elites concern themselves with:

10. Tax Policy and The Surplus: Tax cuts, yes, but sales tax or income tax? Income trusts? Income splitting? Debt reduction vs. investment in social infrastructure, what's the right balance? Let's have the debate.

9. Child Care and Early Learning: Two very different approaches from the Libs and Cons. Both recognize the issue, both have fundamentally different approaches. But we all recognize its importance, and the need to discuss, and more importantly, act.

8. Child Poverty: It's a national epidemic and it's a national shame. We need new ideas, and we need real action now.

7.Aboriginal Affairs: Speaking of nations, how about our First Nations? If the Cons are abandoning the Kelowna Accord, what are they going to do instead? What are our new ideas here too?

6.Foreign Policy and the Armed Forces: What role do we want Canada to play in the world? Is peacekeeping dead? Increase foreign aid? What about Darfur? Canadians are concerned, let's talk about it.

5. Afghanistan: Soldiers keep dying, support for the war is dropping, and we don’t seem to be meeting our objectives. Worth debating, no?

4. The Environment and Sustainable Development: Moving up the list of concerns for Canadians, the Conservatives are proposing legislation and a different approach, there needs to be a debate.

3. The Economy: As James Carville said, it's the economy, stupid! People are concerned about their jobs. Even in good times, they want to know how we're going to keep them going.

2. Health Care: Consistently ranked by Canadians as their number one issue of concern. Maybe we should listen to them?

And finally, the number one thing we'd rather talk about instead of the nation thing:

1. Root Canals. Would be much more enjoyable, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

Debt reduction vs. investment in social infrastructure, what's the right balance?

Just heard Flaherety: Apparently they Tories believe the balance is 100% Debt Reduction.

Anonymous said...

What's great about your post is that the issues you list concern all of Canada, including Quebec.
Let's continue to focus on what unites, and not divides, us.

Anonymous said...

You forgot hockey.


Flaherty's announcement is obviously a campaign speech - Harper thought - what is it that Canadians like about the Liberals? Oh ya, they pay down debt so let's grab this one.

burlivespipe said...

Flaherty's hot air isn't the elimination of the debt per se but measurement of debt vs federal holdings -- any buildings they may own, crown corporations that they wouldn't raid and sell at bargain basement prices, and the amount stashed away for CPP. There will naturally still be a debt -- this is Flaherty after all.

A BCer in Toronto said...

It will play well with his base but there's good ground for the Liberals here to move. Most Canadians want to see our social programs strengthened, they want that balanced with debt reduction instead of focusing purely on debt reduction.