Thursday, November 02, 2006

Question of the day: politics is icky

Is it just me, or is it getting very political in here? Why I do declare, I believe I'm having an attack of the vapors! And Jim Prentice is too, apparently.

You may recall back in August I broke news of a secret memo to Conservative insiders from Prime Minister Stephen Harper detailing a list of issues the PM had decided were just too political to discuss at the moment. He was prompted to write by the World Aids Conference, that he decided was just too political to discuss.

Well, now it seems we can add the Caledonia standoff to that list. Our Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs cancelled a scheduled meeting with his Ontario counterpart recently complaining of "political grandstanding." Putting the pot and kettle nature of that aside for a moment, I agree land claim disputes can get rather political, so I can see why Jim would want to wait until it is settled and over before he gets involved.

Here's today's question:

Mr. Speaker, considering we're all politicians in this chamber it's rather odd to observe this strange aversion members of the government side seem to have to politics.

Just a few months ago, the Prime Minister refused to attend the World Aids Conference here in Toronto, and prevented his ministers from making any substantive announcements or commitments, because the atmosphere was too political.

Now, the Minister of Indian and North Affairs has cancelled a meeting with his Ontario counterpart aimed to look at ways of solving the Caledonia standoff, because the minister complained of alleged "political grandstanding."

Mr. Speaker, I'd like to ask the Prime Minister, could he inform the House of any other important issues that he and his ministers feel are just "too political" for his government to deal with right now?

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Walks With Coffee said...

The Right Honourable Steve Harper: Yes Mr. Speaker, we the New Conservative Government believe that the environment is also too political a topic so we have tabled a bill before this very house to not deal with the matter until 2050. We would however like to immediately say that Liberals are bad... Liberals are bad... Liberals are bad. Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Bailey said...


Did they ever make that AIDS announcement funding?

Did I miss that announcement?

I don't see it being listed here at Health Canada:

Health Canada News Releases

Wasn't the so called announcement for funding be released shortly after the convention was over? It's been two months, where is the announcement?

Bailey said...

That reminds me. According to this CP Article, Fortier is going to announce what riding he is going to run in for the next election.

That article was dated Oct. 23rd, so we are coming up on two weeks on this Monday. Might be something to keep as a reminder and start asking questions, as this seems to be the new Conservative thing to say they are going to announce it in a few weeks but keep pushing it back and back. Much like the Climate Change Agenda announcement.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I know they did finally grant an extension, although not what was hoped for, to the Vancouver safe injection site. I don't recall a funding announcement on AIDS funding though.