Saturday, December 16, 2006

Am I as effective as the NDP?

I’ll go back to ragging on the Conservatives tomorrow, but tonight I’d like to turn my attention to the New Democratic Party of Jack Layton. Off topic, but how long can they be the New Democratic Party? It’s like the Cons calling themselves Canada’s New Government. What’s the shelf-life on newness?

But I’ve digressed. An interesting e-mail wound-up in my inbox recently. It supposedly detailed all the NDP’s accomplishments in this fall session of Parliament. This is a sensitive area for Jack’s Dippers. While I think reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated, they are under pressure from May’s Greens and Dion’s Liberals and; after asking people to lend him their votes last election; Jack needs to show results.

Read the fine print of the NDP’s propaganda though and you see the NDP’s list of accomplishments is short on actual, well, accomplishments. Unless you count raising issues and introducing motions or bills that failed and/or went no where. For example, announcing “a 3-step plan to reduce student debt in Canada by 25%” or calling “for a national transit and a green urban strategy” is great, but is it really an accomplishment when no plan or strategy is implemented? I know what those students would say.

But, I guess it depends on your definition of the word accomplishments. If we’re going to use the NDP definition, which seems to be mainly raising an issue and talking about it, supporting something somebody else is doing or opposing something somebody else is doing, I thought it might be fun to see what I’ve accomplished this session, and how my effectiveness compared to the NDP’s.

I counted 43 so-called accomplishments on the NDP’s list. That’s quite a few. A tough act to follow. So, what did I “accomplish” this session? I’ll leave out LPC specific stuff, which included the leadership race and party reform. Here’s a list:

*Highlighted the Conservative abandonment of Canada’s robotics industry and neglect of the Canadian Space Agency, and called for action.

*Raised the issue of the squandering of $9 million of taxpayer dollars by the Conservatives to move the National Portrait Gallery to Stephen Harper’s home riding.

*Opposed the House of Commons motion recognizing the Quebecois as a nation.

*Opposed recognition of the so-called fiscal imbalance.

*Helped expose Conservative back room shenanigans.

*Like the NDP, I helped secure a state funeral for Canada’s last surviving WWI veteran.

*Again like the NDP, I pushed for greater decorum in the House of Commons and in wider political discourse.

*Struck a blow against asholes everywhere, and one in Victoria specifically.

*Fought for tax relief for average working Canadians.

*Exposed Conservative travel practices and misuse.

*Helped bring to light truth distortions by the environment minister.

*Helped force the government to stand against an US man convicted of child abuse being sentenced to live in Canada.

*Spoke against the Conservative’s rumoured Defence of Marriage legislation.

*Supported the Progressive Bloggers “5 things feminism has done for me” project.

*Called attention to the Conservatives breaking their promise to British Columbians on leaky condos.

*Told the story of a small Comox Valley flooring manufacturer that has been left in the cold by Harper’s softwood sellout.

*Like the NDP, I fought against Conservative cuts to the Status of Women.

So, I count roughly 17 accomplishments (NDP definition) by myself this fall. While that is less than the 43 the NDP managed, I would submit that, given the fact I have a caucus of one, no research budget and a full time job, that’s not too shabby.

In fact, the NDP’s 29-member caucus managed 43 accomplishments, a 1.48 accomplishments effectiveness rate. With a caucus of one, I managed a 17 accomplishments for a 17 accomplishments effectiveness rate, and all for 0 taxpayer dollars. Not too shabby indeed.

With the Liberal leadership race no longer distracting me I fully intend to challenge the NDP on the accomplishments front in the next session of Parliament, and give Layton a run for his money. Watch out Jack!


1.the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2.a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
3.a literary genre comprising such compositions.

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Olaf said...


I'm sure there is a point in there somewhere... but mostly it's just you linking back to old posts, similar to your Days of Christmas series. We get it, you have nothing new to say. There is no shame in taking a break, especially since you've done good work this year.

A BCer in Toronto said...

The point, made in a tongue in cheek way as usual, was that just bringing things up may pass as effective for a blogger, but not for a political party, and that the NDP's definition of accomplishments as defined in their press release was laughable.

A View From The Left said...

I thought it was funny, clearly olaf doesn't have a sense of humour.

I submit that all bloggers make a list like this as I’m sure 29 of use have accomplished more then 43 things.

Anonymous said...

Your definition at the end indicates that you've probably trumped Jack in the ego department, too. Well done. May he hang his head in shame.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Your definition at the end

Actually, it's's definition.

indicates that you've probably trumped Jack in the ego department, too

While I appreciate the thought, that's just not so. But maybe one day, fingers crossed.

Glen said...

You asked the question of whether the NDP is still new, I'd go further.

Given the way Jack Layton whips his caucus and the lack of any future for the group, can we even call the NDP "democratic" or a "party"?

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, how many accomplishments do you think the Liberal Party made in this session? Even using the definition you think the NDP is using... I think I can count them all on one hand.

The fact is the NDP is an opposition party. So is the Liberals, but they are not use to it, so therefore they are ineffective.

Most of the bills that the NDP presented in this session were good for working families but the Liberals shot them down, without bringing anything else to the table.

The NDP presented it's student debt plan, which will make it far less expensive for low income students to attend college/university. What did the Liberals do for students this session?

The NDP is extremely close to enshrining a National Child Care program into law. (It’s passed second reading) What have the Liberals done for national Child Care in Canada in this session? (Or the past 13 years?)

The NDP tabled a bill to strengthen EI for working Canadians. What have the Liberals done in this session to repair the damage they did to the program in the last 13 years?

The NDP tabled a bill to reinstate the federal minimum wage and set it at $10 after the Liberal government in 1996 abolished the federal minimum wage. What did the Liberals do in this session to make sure that federal workers were making a liveable wage?

The NDP is bringing the debate of homelessness and poverty in Canada to the House Of Commons. Tony Martin (NDP MP) travelled across Canada to get solutions from the people affected by poverty and learn from the agencies across Canada dealing with homelessness and poverty. The NDP has called for homelessness to be declared a national state of emergency. They have brought the devastating issue of homeless in Calgary (Which now has the largest homeless population in Canada) to the House of Commons because Calgary politicians are doing nothing about it. What the Liberals done in this session to bring awareness to poverty and homelessness in Canada?

The NDP rejected the Clean Air Act, but allowed it to be amended and accepted by the House of Commons if it becomes adequate. This is not the same thing as accepting Harper’s Clean Air Act, we are giving it a chance to be amended by all parties. Also Jack Layton introduced his Climate Change Accountability Act which will reach our Kyoto Targets and go beyond that. What kind of alternatives did the Liberals propose in the House of Commons to the clean air act?

The NDP was the only party during the 2006 election to demand a debate on Afghanistan. They finally got one, though very inadequate, to Harper’s displeasure. They have revealed the true cost of war and facts about Afghanistan to come out. What have Liberals done to stop Harper from taking all power when it comes to decisions about Afghanistan?
The NDP had a clear position on the Canadian Wheat Board and fought for the rights of farmers. What did the Liberals do for the Canadian Wheat Board and farmers during this session?

The NDP helped pass anti-scab legislation with unanimous support. The Liberals did not support the legislation in unity.

The NDP fought against the Conservatives with their softwood failure. This failure lost Canadian Industries a billion dollars, and set up the stage for Canadian industries to be ripped off in the future. The Liberals allowed Harper to go ahead with this sell out.

Extended Veterans benefits in the House of Commons. This is an “ACCOMPLISHMENT”. What did the Liberals do for the Veterans in this session?

So your post is complete rubbish if you can’t answer these questions and come up with more, or less but better accomplishments that the Liberals did than the NDP. The Liberals failed this session as an opposition party. And if they have the same attitude as you do now during the next session, they will fail again.

The only accomplishment the Liberals did this session was hold a 10 month planned party.

wilson61 said...

Good job Anon,
Also, Canadians voted for clean government.
The NDP was instrumental in getting the Accountability Act thru parliament, the toughest anti-corruption legislation EVER.

Were the NDP as effective under a Liberal minority government?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wilson. I would say that the NDP was effective under past Liberal minority governments.

Everything from Universal Healthcare to the more recent funding for Post Secondary, the Environment, Public Transit and Workers in the 2005 NDP Budget Ammendment.

The Liberals and NDP are forced to act on their campaign promises when the NDP raises the issues. They would not act if there wasn't someone always there constantly reminding them.

Anonymous said...

and I apologize.

That was suppose to read... *The Liberals and Conservatives are forced to act...

HearHere said...

I am curious as to why the Greens would be nudging the socialist NDP.

On the political spectrum the NDP are far left just nudging the communist party for big government and the nanny state.
The Green Party is far far right advocating for less government, far less taxes and more personal responsiblity by the citizens. Far far right of the Conservatives and opposed to the NDP in almost every way.


hiti said...

Oh my, Anonymous said...'s big long list of NDP accomplishments, like student debt plan, child care, and so on... are recycled Liberal policies that were booked but not finalized cause Jack helped Steve to form this "new" government.

So first Jack screws over children and students by helping to get Steve elected then he tries to help those he screwed.

NDP policy? Looks like it happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

I know your post BCer was about what had been done in the fall session, but seeing as we are just a couple of weeks away from the New Year I would like to post my accomplishment for the "year".....I helped vote out a very, very corrupt government!

Tyler Kinch said...

"Oh my, Anonymous said...'s big long list of NDP accomplishments, like student debt plan, child care, and so on... are recycled Liberal policies that were booked but not finalized cause Jack helped Steve to form this "new" government.

So first Jack screws over children and students by helping to get Steve elected then he tries to help those he screwed.

NDP policy? Looks like it happens all the time."

Ha! Recylcled Liberal policy? I don't think so, the Liberals always run a similiar platform as the NDP in an electino but govern like the Conservatives.

Child Care is a recycled Liberal promise? The Liberals have been promising a natinal child care program since 1992! It was one of their big priorities! Did we get it? NO! Do you expect me to believe that the Liberals would have brought this in after 13 years 1 month? I'm not stupid.

Where was the Liberal policy on Student Debt while it skyrocketed while they were in power? Doubling and tripling tuitin rates, and a growing student debt load. Do you expect me to believe that the Liberals would have solved the student debt program if they were given more time. Once again, I am not stupid.

And Jack did not help Steven form government. The people of Canada voted the Liberals out. It's this arrogance that causes so many people to hate the Liberals.

The Conservatives never formed majority government. The NDP, Liberals and Bloc could work together and put through great social programs. But the Liberals refuse to do anything.... not much different in oppositino than in Government.

And NDP policy got Canada Universal Health Care, two week vacations, employment insurance, 5 day 40 hour week weeks... everything you take for granted. And I do not believe for a second that the Liberals would have done it on their own... or else why didn't they?

Tyler Kinch said...

And stop attacking the NDP's accomplishments and come up with your list of Liberal accomplishments in this session. Otherwise this entire post is rubbish...

I want to see some Liberal Accomplishments as BCer defines them.

And also if these policies are all Liberal recycled policies, then why did the Liberals vote nearly everyone of them down?

Charlie Barnard said...

On the political spectrum the NDP are far left just nudging the communist party for big government and the nanny state.

Are we supposed to take your posts seriously?

A BCer in Toronto said...

Well, we seem to have veered off the original point of the post. Such is how it goes. Anyway, the point of the post, for those interested, was that padding your list of accomplishments with things you just brought up, proposed or talked about is lame. Better to stand on things you actually accomplished, and I'm sure the NDP could have pulled out a few from this session. There actually were a few sprinkled on their list. Not ones I'd agree with, but that's another debate. Padding the list though detracts from the actual accomplishments. Quality, not quantity.

Devin said...

As someone who lives in an NDP riding, I can safely you say that you are more effective Jeff. Way more effective.

Devin said...


Just read the comments. It seems you have struck a bit of a nerve here. The Dippers doth protest too much methinks.

Tyler Kinch said...

I wouldn't say the list was "padded". Accomplishments for an oppositino party includes working hard on issues. None of these issues listed on the site were ever taken lightly. Some of them were not passed, because other opposition parties refused to support things they promised in the electin. But the NDP still worked extremely hard on each of the points and some of them were passed. These are accomplishments and it shows the NDP's real intent.

I would like a list of Liberal accomplishments once again... what is your intent? What have the Liberals done to fulfill there election promises? Because trust me... theres a lot that the Liberals said in the election campaign that the NDP would have no problem supporting... the problem is that the Liberals do not bring up these issues in the House of Commons and when the NDP does instead, they vote it down.

canuckistanian said...

hilarious post. devin is right, it has clearly struck a nerve in dipperland. i have always respected the dippers, but their recent gamesmanship has left more than a bad taste in my mouth...they are dead to me. pat martin and jack layton's attacks on dion's duality were class.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read Paul Wells today - interesting how "NOTHING" has changed with Jack Layton in 30 or 40 years.

I took some time to look into the NDP by the way - talk about scandals - Spudscam, O'Leargate, Bingogate to name a few.

They should be called the New or Current - Socialist Party because that is actually what they are.

Democratic? Whipping votes?

The NDP haven't figure out that (or choose not to bring it up) that NO SOCIAL PROGRAMS and funding can be done when a country if on the verge of bankruptcy and the CPP in crisis.

Can you just imagine our taxes if they were running the country - OUCH!