Saturday, August 04, 2007

Caption contest

Photo courtesy Reuters:

How would you caption this photo of the Dear Leader with Anne of Green Gables?

My contribution:

"Hey, did you know I'm writing a book about hockey?"

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Calgary Junkie said...

Blue Canadian icon meets Green Canadian icon.

Ron said...

Canada's New Government Announces the new federally mandated school uniform for girls.

Scotian said...

Thought bubble over Anne's head: Where's that slate/blackboard when I really need it?" (For those that need it explained, there is a famous scene in Anne of Green Gables early on where she breaks her writing slate over the head of someone she sees as a bully in the classroom)

Gauntlet said...

"Stop looking at my bosom, buddy."


Overheard: "Who's the awkward girl from away with the fake smile and the ill-fitting clothes in this picture of Anne?"

burlivespipe said...

Canada's most famous fictional character gives pointers to Canada's new government's fictional leader during a grip'n grin somewhere east of Ottawa. The locals, not shown, welcomed the barrel-stomached man with torches and loud screams.