Thursday, August 02, 2007

An apparently not subversive enough BCer in Ottawa

On Friday morning I’m off to Ottawa for the long weekend for the first time since I moved back to B.C. nearly six years ago. As a Cartoon U alum I’m looking forward to revisiting some of my old stomping grounds (I’m going to stay in res for nostalgia’s (and price’s) sake, though they better not stick me in Glengarry) and of course another sure to be fun Progressive Bloggers BBQ on Saturday.

Speaking of bloggers, some bloggers/readers will be gathering for drinks in Ottawa on Friday night, if you’d like to join us for some beers, political discussion and subversion send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the details. It’d be great to see you there.

I also plan to have a shawarma tomorrow. And any Ottawan worth their salt will tell you that the best shawarma in town is from Maroush International Shawarma. Or at least it was six years ago.

Amazing what you can find on Youtube these days:

Anyway, speaking of subversion, things progressive and bloggers, here’s a group shot from last weekend’s Toronto-area Progressive Bloggers BBQ, ably hosted by the redoubtable Vijay Sappani:

What a dangerous looking group, no? I bet Harper is shaking in his non-designer, working man loafers. I wonder how many of these bloggers have been blocked from viewing now on government computers?

Frankly, I’m kinda bummed they haven’t banned me. Haven’t I been subversive enough Steve? Wasn’t the whole Deceivin’ Steven thing kind of annoying, or constantly pointing out the laughable difference between your rhetoric and your action? What is it Galloping Beaver, Calgary Grit, BigCityLib and Bread and Roses have that I don't Prime Minister?


I must redouble my efforts! Tomorrow, the progressive bloggers take the subversion from our basements and into Ottawa, the belly of the beast.

Steve, here we come!

UPDATE: Thanks to April Reign for the sweet badge at right. Get yours today!

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Scott Tribe said...

THAT video is a schwarma????

You're going on your own then, my friend ;)

A BCer in Toronto said...

The food served in the restaurant is schwarma. It's meat in a pita, basically. Similar to donair. The staff often ham it up for the bar crowd at night, that's what's shown in the video.

Greg said...

I lived in Glengarry for a year and I feel your pain. Oy. :)

Mike said...

Maroush is definitely the best shawarma. The Elgin Street location is still open, but the sparks street one is closed, sadly. I think theres one on Rideau and one in Hull.

I recommend the Meat Truck Special, a shawarma that looks like a baseball bat.

Scott, you can't come to Ottawa for elbow bending and NOT go to see the Shawarma Nazi!

bigcitylib said...

You're banned in my Heart, BCer.

Bailey said...

But those schwarmas are not as good as a donair from Halifax.

Jason Hickman said...

What a dangerous looking group, no?

I was wondering why they were putting up group-shot "Wanted" signs at the post office these days ...

Frankly, I’m kinda bummed they haven’t banned me. Haven’t I been subversive enough Steve?

You were on the list, but at the last meeting of the Collective, I put in a good word for you and - well, I've said too much about the inner workings of the Party already...