Thursday, August 02, 2007

Free communications advice for the OLO: Go East!

Scanning the media coverage coming out of the Conservative caucus meetings going on right now in Charlottetown there seems to be little, if no, commentary from anyone on behalf of the Liberal Party. Seems odd.

If I were the OLO, I’d have a few staffers and a prominent MP or two camped-out in Charlottetown (maybe see if the RCMP kicks you out of the lobby, that’d be a hoot) ready to offer commentary to members of the press on what’s happening, or not, at the caucus meetings.

Given that it seems the Conservatives don’t want to talk to the media, it stands to reason my fellow journalists are getting lonely. Why not keep them company and bend their ears a bit? I’m sure they’d love someone to talk to, on the record and everything.

And bring muffins. We like muffins.

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Olaf said...


Sage advice, I think. The CPC is going to have a rough time wooing back the Eastern voters, and it would be that much more difficult if there were a few prominent Liberals out there challenging them along the way, reminding everyone why they were mad at Harper in the first place, and so on.

Mark Dowling said...

Well, it's PEI and they have four Liberal ridings.

[Not forgetting that on rep by pop rather than the ridiculous Senate minimum they would have two at the most].

It's not like it's Alta. where you'd have to fly someone in. Just get one of the four in the car and down to Charlottetown.