Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How about Conrad?

While I think that Dr. Henry Morgentaler is more than deserving of joining the Order of Canada, I wasn’t planning on commenting until I read this silly editorial in the National Post today where they express their opposition:

Conferring this award on Dr. Morgentaler was a mistake -- one we expect will be greeted by many long-standing Orderholders returning their medals and pins. One wonders whether the Order of Canada will ever reclaim its former prestige.

I think we should all watch for what, I’m sure, will be the coming deluge of Order of Canada holders turning in their pins in protest. I bet there are hordes running to Rideau Hall right now. Hopefully the good folks at the Post will keep us regularly up to date on all the names.

And the first one, I hope, should be the guy that founded the National Post, Conrad Black. Or does the Post not think that having a guy in the order that has been convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice, serving 6 ½ years in prison, does a little to hamper its prestige? Perhaps not, since they've defended him every step of the way.

Really though, I think the Morgentaler appointment was just cover for this guy:

The CBC's Peter Mansbridge is to become an officer of the Order of Canada, according to a list of 75 appointees released on Canada Day by Gov. Gen. Michaƫlle Jean.

Mansbridge, the chief correspondent of CBC News, anchors the flagship nightly news program The National and also hosts Newsworld's Mansbridge One on One.

The dreaded CBC! Where are the howls of protest? Thank goodness the right-wing hordes are busy elsewhere. But good for Peter.

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RuralSandi said...

More shock coming - Buzz Hargrove is one of the 75.....the horrors -here we go. We'll probably have BT rants about marxist/communist/leftist whatever.

Christian Conservative said...

Buzz and Peter, while I may disagree with their views, I have no issues with receiving the Order of Canada... no one can deny their impact on Canadian society.

As for Morgentaller... his appointment is reprehensible, and I've already let the GG know what I think about it.

Blues Clair said...

christ con,

I'm sure the GG will take your complaint into account and react swiftly.

Jeff said...

Whether you like the Doctor's impact or not, you can't deny that he had a huge one on Canadian society.