Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sundin to be a Canuck?

I spent most of my Canada Day discovering the series Mad Men via Rogers on Demand, so I missed this huge news from the world of hockey:

On the first day of NHL free agency, the Vancouver Canucks made a stupendous offer to Mats Sundin and an offer sheet to David Backes.

New Canuck general manager Mike Gillis put a two-year, $20 million thunderbolt in front of Sundin and the 37-year-old centre went to bed Tuesday in Stockholm to sleep on it. Gillis hopes to receive an answer today.

"Our offer makes Mats the highest paid player in the league so I'm optimistic that we've made the best offer he can receive," Gillis said on a conference call. "We think we presented an opportunity here that he would like. The city is a great city to live in and we've had tremendous success with Swedish players who loved living here and want to stay here.

"So we think we have a lot of positives to offer in addition to the financial ones."

Sundin as a Canuck, that’s very interesting. He’d fit in well with the Sedins, and it may also give Markus Naslund a reason to stick around another year. I was apprehensive about Mike Gillis taking the helm as Canucks GM, but at least he’s mixing things up a little. And after last year, this team needs a little mixing up.

Although, if the Canucks do sign Sundin, it will be even more impossible to get a ticket for their game in Toronto next season. Guess it will be off to Buffalo for me.

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Gayle said...

"He’d fit in well with the Sedins"

I feel sorry for the guy who will be calling that game!

Jeff said...

There's already that issue with the two Sedins, but that's funny...first names are probably the way to go.

Lori said...

Wow, it sounds like Mike Gillis is a graduate of the Pat Quinn School of General Managing.

"How much can we possibly pay for aging talent, 2.5 years beyond his prime? 20 million? That's a STEAL."

Sundin has never won a cup, he's never been a franchise player, and he both sucks AND blows.

I'm a Canuck fan by default, but I'll cease to have any use for them if they pay that kind of money for that kind of wasted space.