Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harper's Island horror

From CP:

Harper's Island horror

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. _ Liberal Leader Stephane Dion found himself in a
make-believe world Tuesday, but couldn't escape his main opponent,
Stephen Harper.

He was touring the set of a CBS show being shot at North Shore studios
in Brooksbank, North Vancouver. Its title? Harper's Island.

The hour-long horror-drama revolves around friends and family gathering
for a wedding on an eerie island which, years before, was the haunt of a
serial killer. The mystery opens as the guests begin to disappear in
what a website calls ``Scream meets 10 Little Indians.''

Dion couldn't resist the imagery.

``I'm told that it's a scary movie,'' he said. ``Mr. Harper lives on an
island and it's time to kick him off the island.''

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Pal Hal Pall said...

Ha ha, very clever Staphane. Just wondering if anyone else would like to hear the candidates talk about the CRTC and censorship. Because if you ask me, the whole Canadian Content idea needs to be done away with. It is sterilizing our culture and too vulnerable to abuse.

Barcs said...


The island Dion refers to is Montreal, and it is he that is having trouble.

Dion must have been in Quebec for the last couple days.... Down 4 points in Quebec overnight in a rolling poll.

Vek said...

Cutting funding is not censorship. Only an idiot *cough* Sarah Polley or Dion *cough* would think that.

Barcs said...

.... The Campbell liberals censoring women.....

and Universitys.......

McGuinty censoring basic educational system

Austrailian liberals censor the environment:

There isn't enough space on the internet to detail the things that Chretien/Martin censored way back when.

Apparently it isn't just conservatives.

Hey Jeff maybe you can answer this for me... Dion keeps saying that we don't need his green tax on Gas because there is already an excise tax on it.... What is the difference between the excise tax on Gas and the one on Diesel that allow for the greenshift tax to be placed on Diesel but not gas??? Is it just the amount of constituents he would piss off?

Barcs said...

Here's another quick question....

Dion says thatthe island of Canada is going to have modest growth of 4.5 %


.... I thought the cupboard was bare, our economy was tanking and the US titanic was going to drag us down to the deeps....

suddenly 4.5 % is modest?

Is Dion pulling promises and facts from different years? Vote him off the island please.

Jeff said...

vek you should really have that cough looked at. I hope it's not serious. But if it is serious, rest easy that under a Liberal government catastrophic drugs will be covered.

Barcs said...

Yeah.. A tooth has been bothering me for days and it is making my throat scratchy.

Drug coverage... that is wonderful. Then my province (who's job it is to provide that) can cease to....

wait... what are you downloading onto my province instead?

Will you also reassert that healthcare in Canada is free and pay for my private insurance?? (not to mention such things as the government requires me to have like eyes and medical tests for me to drive??)