Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberals in BC launch radio, tv ads

This morning the Liberal campaign in British Columbia released two "Made in BC" ads, one for radio and one for TV, that will soon be airing on media across BC. The ads are part of the Liberal party's Made in BC campaign, which also includes a BC-specific policy agenda. The policy agenda is being rolled-out in three planks. The first, Building a Just Society for British Columbians, focuses on social justice and was released last week.



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Koby said...

Other than the Ritz ad, the Liberal ads have been as bad and directionless as the campaign. Add this one to the pile. We need to go negative. We need to specific. We need to avoid warm fuzzy mushy clap trap like this.

hesslei said...

Liberals and Conservatives are statistically tied when it comes to voter support in Atlantic Canada, according to the latest Ipsos Reid poll done exclusively for Canwest News Service and Global National.


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