Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Patrick, he took out life insurance

There's a TV on my desk, and for 10 hours or so a day I'm fed a steady diet of CBC Newsworld and CTV Newsnet. Thankfully, the life insurance and alpaca ads that used to dominate Newsworld seem to now be out of the rotation.

This ad for the Discovery Channel is in heavy rotation on Newsnet though, and I have to say it has really grown on me. It's a pretty good commercial, and very catchy.

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1 comment:

Barcs said...

It was catchy the first few times....

but like you I often have one of the 24hour "news" stations up if I am not actively watching something interesting. It is a good way to stay up on news.

Commercials especially ones in heavy rotation like that one drive me nuts.

Or more especially being stuck in a tractor for a good part of the day in the spring and fall. News on the hour every hour. And when I stop at the house on the farm for supper before going home... mom wants to watch the news.

(Has anyone watched groundhog day lately? the part where the nice old lady asks bill murray about the weather every day?? That's me on commercials and news.)