Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Liberal ad -- Harpernomics and Bush

The "Always there for you line" is an interesting addition. I like that rather than just ending on the negative message (Harper bad), we're now linking it with what we'll do, and why people should vote Liberal. A good improvement from past ads.

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Patriot said...

It doesn't matter what the Tories do to put out this fire. They've been severely damaged on the world stage with this embarrassment.

How does Canada look internationally when the Foreign Affairs Minsiter is messing with a person tied to organized crime, he wanted to destroy secret documents (according to his lady friend's book) and now the PM is either delivering someone elses speeches or, worse yet, getting his talking points directly from the White House.

Just look at how this is playing internationally and tell me any world leader will have respect for Canada with Mr. Harper at the helm.

ITN – United Kingdom: Canada’s PM under plagiarism cloud

Irish Times – Ireland: Canadian PM’s speech on Iraq war plagiarized

BBC News: Canada’s PM faces plagiarism charge

TVNZ – New Zealand: Canada PM’s writer found plagiarizing

eTaiwan News – Taiwan: Canada’s opposition party says PM plagiarized

ABC – Australia: Canadian PM accused of stealing Howard speech

Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia: PM ‘plagiarised’ Howard’s speech

Sydney Morning Herald – Australia: Plagiarism: a plague in both your houses

Press TV – Iran: Canada Tories admit copying speech

Xinhua – China: Canadian PM accused of plagiarizing Australian PM’s Iraq speech

United Press International: Tories admit plagiarism; strategist quits