Friday, September 26, 2008

Media beginning to speak the carbon truth

Some of the media seem to be starting to actually cast a critical eye on the NDP and Conservative attacks on the Liberal Green Shift, and looking at their so-called plans for the environment too. And it's about time.

The Globe's Jeffrey Simpson:

The Conservatives have distorted the carbon tax idea and scared people.
The economy would be "wrecked," Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.
Funny then that Demark, with a carbon tax for a while now, had higher
per capita growth than Canada from 1990 to 2006: 36 to 32 per cent.

The political demolition job from the Conservative-NDP alliance against
the carbon tax shift, coupled with its arrival on the political scene at
a time of higher world oil prices and slower growth, killed a national
carbon tax.

What, therefore, remains? Policy incoherence across Canada, and
Conservative and NDP plans that won't get the job done. Mr. Harper has
not spoken in the election about his "plan," except to say he has one.
What is it?

And in the Toronto Sun of all places, and Lorrie Goldstein of all people:
Hey, have you heard about Stephen Harper's plan to fight global warming
by raising the cost of everything?

Because he does have one and he's been getting a free ride on it in this
election, simply by incessantly charging Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's
Green Shift will increase the price of everything. Back in the real
world, Harper promises to put a price on emitting carbon just like Dion.

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Mike514 said...

The first article states that Harper has a plan, but we don't know what it is. The second states that we know Harper's plan. What gives? Maybe the Globe journalists should attend the same press conferences as the Sun writers?

The Sun article goes further. It states Harper's plan is similar to Dion's plan. Huh? I thought the Liberals were against Harper's plan. They said it didn't go far enough. Now we learn that the two plans are quite similar?

How can two contradictory articles lead you to conclude that the media is beginning to speak the truth?

Please, Jeff. Clear the air. Tell us about the truth you found in these articles.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Maybe the Conservatives need to be more clear about what they want to do so journalists don't get so confused.

Carrie said...

I've said since this started that Harper, if he wins, will simply steal the Green Shift and implement it anyway. He wants to rule for a longggg time. The thing is, he's going to implement it incorrectly, likely without reducing individual taxes.

Watch when he releases his plan, if he does. Watch how similar it is to the green shift. They didn't have a plan. They waited for Dion and May to release their plans and are furiously working to copy them. I would bet on it.

Dirk Buchholz said...

..."the Conservative-NDP alliance"...

please alliance.. tell me you don't see it that way

Mike514 said...


The media states that the Tory plan is identical to the Liberal plan, as quoted in the 2nd half of Jeff's post. We don't have to take your word for it: we know it. And the media is speaking the truth about this, as Jeff asserts.

On the other hand, if you read the first half of Jeff's post, the media states we know nothing about the Harper plan. And the media is speaking the truth about this, as Jeff states.

The truth is we don't know the Tory plan, but at the same time we do know it. It seems contradictory, but if you ask Jeff, he'll state that journalists are confused.

To summarize: Contradictory journalists are both speaking the truth, although they're all very confused. In any case, it's all the Tories' fault.

A BCer in Toronto said...

I was off to catch a ferry mike, so let me answer a little more fully.

You've picked-out a few inconsistencies in the media coverage of the conservative plan. I'd submit that's because the Conservatives have been purposely obtuse about explaining it. It's partially out there, they haven't been publicizing it, and the media largely haven't been looking at it. And there are pertinent details that the Cons refuse to tell us until after an election.

What truth are they not speaking, as I've contended? That the Conservative plan will raise prices on everything. That the Liberals will help offset the increases caused by their plans; the Conservatives will let Joe and Jane Lunchbox take the hit. That the Conservative plan is weak and ineffective. That they've distorted the carbon shift.

Mike said...

So Jeff, where are the Liberal ads trumpeting this over and over?

If you aren't going to take advantage and attack harper on a perceived strength, you deserve to lose.

A BCer in Toronto said...

Mike, I don't have anything to do with the design or placement of Liberal advertising. That may be a good thing, or a bad thing, the verdict is still out.

Barcs said...

The problem is Mike... to attack the tory plan the liberals have to flip their strategy and actually admit that the tories have a plan.

I don't see that happening.... they will continue to attack the tories for not having a plan thus leaving the media confused.

Mike said...

So barcs, do they have a plan? And if so, what is it?