Friday, September 26, 2008

Crowd of 800 greets Dion at UBC

A video report from the Ubyssey on Stephane Dion's very successful event earlier this week at UBC (h/t Braeden):

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Anonymous said...

800 people? I guess that's the entire amount of people who are going to vote Liberal in B.C.

McLea said...

Hey, what happened to all the empty hyper-partisan rhetoric there Jeff? When the election was called, you were blowing my mind with a barrage of half truths and disingenuous, agenda driven commentary, but now you can hear crickets around here.

Losing faith in your boy Dion?

Jeff said...

Far from it mclea. As I mentioned at the beginning of the campaign I'm working actively on the campaign in BC, and hence by time for blogging is limited. Also, I naturally need to be a little more circumspect with my commentary.

If it makes you feel better though, we're clearly on the first legs of a Dion majority, 308 seats... :)

McLea said...

Whatever Jeff. If you were anymore transparent, you'd be the glass at an NHL hockey game.

The only thing I can hope for is that you realize that your brand of disingenuous sectarianism isn't winning the Liberals any votes, and rather, is only preaching to fanatical few who are all to willing to swallow the partisan bs you feed him. If that's what you're gunning for, then fine. But let me tell you that as an independent I pay far more attention to someone like Calgary Grit, someone who gives me an objective and impartial view on the politics of the day, rather than bloggers such as yourself who just feed their readers the party line and other absurdly bias partisan bullshit. I'd have far more respect for you if you actually wrote what you thought, rather than deliver me your Liberal party bs every single day.

Have fun getting destroyed in the election Liberals. You have Bcer and his ilk to blame for the disaster that is your party. No jokes.

Jeff said...

Thank-you for always making me smile.