Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newish Liberal Ad

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burlivespipe said...

I keep wondering... are my ears deceiving me or is that blues singer/actor Jim Byrnes doing the voice-over?

Anonymous said...

Are my ears deceiving me or is that really the sound of the Liberals drowning in their own green puke?

Mike514 said...

Are my ears deceiving me or do the Liberals applaud America's economic performance in that ad?

Are Liberals aware of the severe financial problems currently facing the US? Do they really want to link their platform with the American economy right now?

Other than that, it's actually a pretty good ad. The only problem is that it doesn't explain what the Liberals would do different.

At least the NDP attack ads have Jack Layton at the end telling us what he'll do differently (Oh my. Is this what I've been reduced to? Defending the NDP ads??).

Jeff said...

I think your ears are deceiving you Mike. What I heard was that, with a baaad economic situation, even the W. Bush government recognizes investing in the green economy and green job creation is an imperative.

And I agree with your last point, we've been good at attacking but not at converting.