Wednesday, December 03, 2008

They're firing wildly, hoping to hit something

From the "sentences that taken out of context sound much worse than they are" department:

The Conservatives are hoping to enlist gun enthusiasts in the fight against the coalition that is threatening their government.
Actually, add the context and it's still pretty bad. And not for nothing, but the Conservatives have made no attempt to end the registry in, what, three years in office?

BTW, if the PMO speech-writing staff is reading, I'll donate $50 to the NRA if Harper says in his speech to the nation tonight that "the Liberals, socialists and separatist will pry the levers of power from my cold, dead hands!" Hand to god.

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penlan said...

LOL. Good one.

Beijing York said...

LOL indeed!

Harper's PR spin is in full swing. We must keep the pressure on because when cornered, the CPC members and supporters act like the retrogrades that they are. It's hard to keep up with the lies so it's best to keep THEM on the defensive.

Let the opposition leaders take the high road while we, the little people handle the disinformation campaigns with brutal honesty and counteract the freeping.

We might as well borrow some of the CPC supporters' tactics, like voting on useless online polls to reflect how our viewpoint is shared by the majority of Canadians.

We managed to get the pro-coalition viewpoint winning polls in the G&M, Winnipeg Free Press and Edmonton Journal. We need to keep that up.

On that note, check out this poll and vote:

Oh,and here is another petition: