Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rick Mercer weighs-in on Fox News fiasco

Rick Mercer, a man well schooled in the art of intelligent political satire that's actually, well, funny, weighs-in on the Fox News Fiasco in the Globe this morning:

"They should be ignored," said political satirist Rick Mercer, who hosts his own show on CBC. "If you're going to do satire, three of the most important rules are you have to tell the truth, you can't be a bully and don't be an asshole," he said, adding: "Being a bully is not satire."

Mr. Mercer said the fact that Red Eye airs in the middle of the night is a sign that its creator isn't experiencing "the pinnacle of success."
I was tempted to ignore it from here forward Rick, but that was a quote I had to share.

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