Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandma, we're shipping you to Calgary

Via David Akin:

The government has announced 32 grants for seniors' groups since Feb. 17, and only one went to an organization located in a riding not held by a Conservative MP.
This isn't a new phenomenon, of course. The moral? Don't get old in an opposition-held riding. At least, not if you want to enjoy "inter generational movie nights", native beadwork, dancing, and storytelling, or scrapbook, all with government assistance.

(h/t Wherry)

BTW, speaking of tracking government spending and action -- or, dare we say, in action -- on maters economic, this is a neato new Web site that aims to do just that.

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1 comment:

Mr. Lorne said...

Chretien did the same thing with our Canadian forces base in Calgary...closed it up because Calgary did not elect any Libs, yet with Anne McLellan re-elected in Edmonton, that city got to keep theirs.

Of course, it was deny, deny, deny.