Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conservative stimulus run amok?

This ad appeared on my Facebook page tonight. Apparently Stephen Harper from Ontario wants to pay my credit-card bill, or something:

Unfortunately I didn't click-through and haven't been able to get it back despite much refresing, so I don't know if Harper really wants to may off my debts (offer only valid in Ontario, oddly, sorry Alberta) or if its (much more likely) just some kind of weird Facebook marketing mash-up that has nothing to do with the feds (FB can take your photos and use them for marketing) or Harper's shovel-gate stimulus bonanza (offer void when he learns I'm not in a Conservative riding?).

If the PM is reading this, though, while I don't have any credit card debt, if he wants to stimulate the economy by paying off my student loan he's more than welcome to.

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