Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bizarro blog, staring Maxime Bernier as Mac Harb

Reading this Globe story on the Conservatives' over the top attack on the Liberals over Mac Harb's position on the seal hunt, I thought it might be fun to re-write the story, but with Maxime Bernier playing Mac Harb. Because it's all rather silly. Apologies to Ms. Taber, her's was just the first story I came across on the topic...

PMO OLO harpoons Liberal Conservative divisions on seal hunt climate change

The Prime Minister’s Opposition Leader’s Office is accusing Michael Ignatieff Stephen Harper of playing politics with the seal hunt environment and the lives of those who depend on it after a Liberal Senator former Conservative minister reintroduced his bill to ban the hunt dismissed concern over global warming as alarmism.

In an internal memo to Conservative Liberal MPs and supporters and the press gallery, PMO OLO strategists also suggest the Liberal Leader Conservative Leader is a weakling for not being able to unite his caucus on an issue that he says he supports.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff Conservative Leader Stephen Harper claims to support the seal hunt believe climate change is a serious issue but is attempting to play both sides of the issue,” the PMO OLO memo says. “In these challenging economic times Ignatieff’s Liberals Harper’s Conservatives are playing politics with Canadian families who depend on the hunt climate for their livelihoods.”

It also says that if Mr. Ignatieff Harper truly supports the hunt climate he should insist on unanimity in his caucus “to stand united behind Canadians sealers, instead of undermining the hunt international desire to fight climate change and undercutting the livelihood of Canadian families.”

The memo is referring to Liberal Senator Mac Harb Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Maxime Bernier who has indicated he will reintroduce his bill to ban the seal hunt in Canada believes there is no scientific consensus on the matter and applauded the Harper government for taking a go-slow approach. He held a news conference earlier today with other anti-sealers wrote a letter to the La Press newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Tories Liberals are doing what they can to point out the lack of unity over this issue in the Liberal Conservative caucus.

“We will not play politics with the livelihoods of Canadians,” the PMO OLO memo says. “This Conservative government Liberal opposition is united in its support of the thousands millions of coastal Canadians sealers who rely on the seal hunt environment for income oxygen.”

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Ted Betts said...

From: Alerte-Info-Alert
To: Alerte-Info-Alert
Sent: Tue Mar 09 10:40:38 2010
Subject: Standing up for Canadian Traditions / À la défense des traditions canadiens

Standing up for the Canadian National Anthem

Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth yesterday announced her intention to continue campaigning for a change in the lyrics of “Oh Canada” our National Anthem. Conservative Liberal Leader Stephen Harper claims to support the National Anthem t, but is attempting to play both sides of the issue.

• In these challenging economic times Harper’s Conservatives are playing politics with Canadian traditions and national unity for partisan gains.

• This country is (pretty much) united in its support of the National Anthem that was sung by our heroic athletes in The Most Successful Olympics Like Ever, as well as by our troops every day when they raise our flag in Afghanistan. Why do the Harper Conservatives oppose our troops?

• The National Anthem is a fundamental part of the fabric of our nationhood and based on sound unity principles.

• For Canada, our National Anthem is about more than a good tune. The National Anthem represents a growing source of what is already a multi-million person strong patriotic pride.

• If Conservative Leader Stephen Harper truly supports the National Anthem, he should call on all of his entire caucus to stand united behind Canadian National Anthem instead of undermining the our national symbols and undercutting the our fundamental national institutions. Why does Stephen Harper hate Canada so much?

• Our opposition parties are unwavering in their support for those men and women, who for generations have swooned, welled up, shouted from the tops of streetlamps and bus shelters after a gold medal upon the hearing of this national treasure.

• We will not play politics with the patriotism of Canadians.