Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NDP says Liberals are hiding Christy, but where's their Dix?

There's an election happening on the left coast, and for all the preoccupation last year about the BC Conservatives, it's quickly shaping up as a choice between Christy Clark's BC Liberals and Adrian Dix's BC NDP.

Heck, even BC Conservative leader John Cummins admitted to reporters that, in the last election, he was unhappy with his incumbent and instead cast a protest vote for the BC NDP candidate. Apparently he didn't even consider voting for the candidate of the party he now leads. So I'm not sure why anyone else would either.

Anyway, apparently the NDP have been making hay with a claim that the Liberals have been hiding Clark in their campaign material, and a Tumblr has been created with alleged examples. Fairly common campaign stuff, but usually you don't throw this rock when you're sheltering in a glass house.

Because another Tumblr has popped-up, and hey, where's Dix?

Apparently 90 per cent of NDP campaign web sites and signs also contain no mention of their leader. That has to be embarrassing. Why are they hiding Dix? And why doth they protest so muchly?

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The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not sure where you're getting the idea they're hiding Dix. He's been quite prominent on the hustings making some powerful policy announcements almost daily.

I'm not an NDP supporter but this guy's performance is impressive. It's too bad the BC Libs jettisoned liberalism when it swept Wilson out to clear way for the SoCred takeover.

I had hoped Ignatieff had taught the federal party the fate that befalls a Liberal party that isn't. Trudeau the Lesser's performance on FIPA and the terrorism law excesses proves me wrong.

G West said...

Umm! Mound of Sound has it right. Dix is out in front of the party every day - and he's not hiding from the media either - which clark is clearly doing.

I sense you're a liberal at heart Jeff - time to wake up and smell the coffee. Christy Clark has ridden a moribund party into the ground...and almost ruined the province into the bargain.


marie said...

Make up your minds already. When Clark is in the Media, the NDP attack her every move.Where have you been hiding G West? Playing dumb like most of Dix supporters it seems.
FYI, we had 10 or more years of NDP and if any party ran BC into the ground it was the NDP during their stint that did just that. Try and remember does dark days when taxes were up, unemployment rates were sky high and people were moving in major groves their families and all in order to make a living at the tar sands. Do not deny that. It happened and just remember there is always a paper trail of all the events during NDP days.BTW I would suggest that you follow your own advice. BC is doing great under Christy Clarks leadership and exceptionally well after Gordon Campbell's retirement. I have lived in BC since 1970 and experienced the NDP days and too be honest, am not looking forward to the NDP ever running our province ever again.

marie said...

CWest!! I call bullshit on you and so would many people you have read your post. Take your own frigging advice dip stick.