Saturday, April 27, 2013

Painful media scrum for Adrian Dix on his Kinder Surprise

After a BC election radio leaders debate, NDP leader Adrian Dix faced the press, and questions on his Kinder Surprise. And it wasn't pretty. Between back-dating memos and forward-dating decisions, Dix's messaging is more difficult to follow than the plot of Inception.

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Dana said...

I used to think you were a pretty intelligent fellow. I read you with interest.

But you are proving to be not so.

If you truly are a supporter of the BC Liberals just now then you are one of the bluest Canadian Liberals I have ever encountered.

And that makes you indistinguishable from a Harper Conservative in all but the whipping.

Because the BC Liberal Party is neither Liberal nor liberal. It is a pseudonymous provincial arm of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I think you probably know and understand this but are simply too doggerel obsessed to let go and acknowledge it.

Or perhaps just too stupid.

In any case you are off my blogroll.

Ta ta.

rockfish said...

I think Jas Johal has money on the underdog and is really hoping to limit his losses. Seriously though, Dix could have handled this a lot better. That the gang that plunked the HST on the just finished electorate last time is trying to benefit from a viewed flip flop is kind of ridiculous, doncha think?

Jeff said...


If there's one thing I do know, it's that I can disagree with someone without questioning their intelligence or calling them names. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend.


I won't argue with you the HST was a mess, although I'd note Christy wasn't around at the time. Anyway, Jas's points were fair, and if Adrian wants to be premier he should be held to the same standard as any other candidate.

rockfish said...

I agree somewhat; Dix 'chose' Earth Day for the announcement and should have stuck with that instead of acting as though it was the day he decided. Johal's 'pitbull performance' however was a tad overboard as though the day Dix really decided when the party was against this pipeline proposal is a big deal. Unlike the BC Liberals -- who are more conservative despite their leader -- so far the BCNDP didn't wait until after the election to say which way they were going.
On another point, check out the BCNDP roster as it features more true liberals than the BCLiberals. Here in the Tri-Cities all their candidates, even former leader contestant Farnworth, are considered centre-left-centre; I know insiders who still turn their nose up at Mike because he's too much a 'centrist'...

Fred from BC said...

Christie Clark, a Harper Conservative?

Hilarious. She was a Paul Martin Liberal, as was her husband (who actually worked for them, didn't he?).

rockfish said...

Check your reading glasses, BC Fred,
;I said the BC Liberals are more conservative despite their leader. No one's disputing Christie's good standing as a Paul Martin federal Liberal, she's just surrounded by more right wing Harper supporters...

Fred from BC said...

rockfish said...

Check your reading glasses, BC Fred,;I said the BC Liberals are more conservative despite their leader

Yes, you did say that. Too bad I wasn't actually responding to you.

(you did read the first post, right?)