Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Eating up the Hill: Peri peri makeover for the 43rd Parliament

While the politicians and staffers were off since late June running for re/election, the Parliamentary cateteria staff were busy with lots of little changes here and there. In addition to easier to read menus and a new shelf to sell unhealthy chocolate bars, they've tweeked some menu items. And I came accross one of them today: Peri Peri Chicken 2.0.

I reviewed their OG Peri Pri chicken entree last fall: it was a not particularly authentic but tasty dish of  diced chicken in peri peri sauce with chips and a half corn of cob. It was decidedly not bad.

I've had it once or twice since, and it was on the menu when I came down for lunch today. But it was...different.

As you can see, it's a chicken breast instead of diced chicken, and a ladle of corn instead of the half  cob. The chips are unchanged. With a cup of sauce on the side.

My mind already set and the line for the grill long, I plowed ahead. Remarking on the change while checking out, the gentleman personing the cash remarked it was change for the better. I said I would withold judgement until after my meal.

And, it now being after my meal, I can say this was not a real(ly good) change. They did not choose forward with this peri peri revamp.

The chips are unchanged, they're fine -- some peri peri powder would still be a welcome upgrade.

Just a tiny quantity of corn was provided, and I miss the cob. Maybe it was a half cob's amount, but the cob makes it seem like more. Corn is cheap, people, don't be so parsamomious with the portions.

And the chicken breast -- meaty, but dry as could be. It appeared to be BBQ'd to within an inch of its life, and if there was any flavouring added, peri peri or otherwise, it was grilled off long ago. No flavour of note to the sauceless chicken. And the side sauce? Seemed much more Frank's Red Hot than Peri Peri to me.

The folks at Nandos have nothing to worry about, other than besmirching the good Peri Peri name with people that don't know better.

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