Thursday, November 21, 2019

Eating up the Hill: Pizza 2.0 a marked improvement from the Hill cafeteria

I wrote earlier about some of the changes made at the Parliamentary cafeterias during the summer/election break and the first I spotlighted, the supposed Peri Peri chicken, was a definite miss. Yesterday, I tried their new pizza, and thankfully, it was definite change for the better.

The earlier pizza available in the Wellington cafeteria was a square slice served in a french fry tray, priced around $5. The pizza was OK, but overpriced and represented poor value for what you were getting. Don't think it sold too much, as cheaper options abounded offsite and, if you wanted pizza, you could get more for less with a short walk.

Well, no longer. Now you can get a 9" (square) personal pizza -- basically, a small pizza in most pizza restaurants for $7.10. Now that's great value.

I got the meat lovers and, while I neglected to take a photo of the ingredient list, it was very meaty with sausage, I think pepperoni, and maybe ham or salami. It was made Colonnade-style, with the cheese on top of the toppings.

It was a tasty pie. From the bottom-up, it wasn't a thick crust and that's a positive for me-- I don't like a bready pizza. The crust is the topping delivery vehicle, not the star attraction. It was nicely sauced, lots of meat, and a (un)healthy amount of cheese.

And it was so much pizza I almost didn't finish it. And yet, I persisted. Good value, good taste, good revamp of the caf's pizza offering.

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