Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Eating off the Hill: Pudgyboy's closes, never really got better

Just over a year ago I reviewed Pudgyboy's, a new diner in Centretown at Bank and Mcleran that offered small portions at big prices. I found it overpriced and mediocre, but resolved to give it another try down the road.

I did indeed return just before Christmas, and unfortunately things had gone downhill. The kiosks were no longer in use, and I was asked to order and pay at the counter. There wasn't really a till, they were adding up bills with a calculator. There had been some tinkering with the menu but the concept was still largely the same.

I ordered a cheeseburger slider trio, onion rings and a soft drink. Don't have the receipt, but it wasn't worth the price. Rings were fresh but overcooked, sliders made to order but meh. Place was pretty dead. Staff were hanging out on the street outside, and had to come in to take and make my order.

Walked by the other day and saw that they were closed down, with brown paper covering the window. So I guess I got in near the end, which would explain the going through the motions feel. A note on the window said that a new restaurant would be coming to the space, and that Pudgyboy's would be continuing from a commercial kitchen as a delivery only through apps service. A check of their web site does show that they're on DoorDash with a tweaked menu -- it appears the burgers are now regular size. And starting at an overpriced $12.99, with fries. They did do a lot of delivery app traffic my first visit.

I will be curious to see what ends up in this space, which has seen a lot of turnover in the four years I've been back in town. Curious no one can make a go of it, given a steady supply of drunken bad decision traffic from the night club next door, and nearby bars. Just not more shawarma, please.

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