Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Eating up the hill: Truly outstanding committee mac & cheese

A lot of the time of a backbench MP -- and their staff -- is spent either preparing for or in committee meetings. And often those meetings happen over breakfast or lunch.

When that happens, food is provided for the members since they can't leave in the middle of the meeting to go grab something in the cafeteria. And if the members don't eat everything, there's an opportunity for staff to have a bite as well.

Which is all an introduction to saying I had the most fantastic mac & cheese at the Status of Women committee yesterday. My boss told me everything was vegetarian so I wasn't too excited, but when I went up to take a look I saw mac & cheese and my excitement level spiked.

As I'm sure I've covered many times here, I'm a big mac & cheese fan. One key is that it needs to be macaroni -- don't put "mac & cheese" on the menu and then serve me spiral pasta with a cheese sauce -- it ain't mac & cheese without the mac. And give me a nice cheesy sauce.

The committee mac & cheese certainly look good upon inspection. Baked with melted cheese on top, so a step above Kraft Dinner, and a saucy looking sauce -- and macaroni noodles. So I plated a respectable amount, with some root veggies on the side cause I'm healthy like that. Didn't have huge expectations, but certainly looking forward to enjoying some mac & cheese.

Taking it back to my table and putting my ear piece back on, I tried a forkful and OH MY GOD. SO much better than I'd anticipated. It wasn't just that it was a cheesy sauce -- it was a good cheese. Distinct, flavourful and strong. It had body. Maybe a well-aged cheddar or a Gruy√®re, I don't know. But it was amazing -- all that was missing was some smoked bacon.

Parliamentary Catering, a job well done.

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