Thursday, March 12, 2020

Eating up the Hill: Possible Cinnamon pasta at likely my last Hill reception for awhile

Didn't realize it at the time, but the Women Entrepreneurs on the Hill reception last Wednesday was, with a possible extended recess looming, likely my last Hill reception for a little while. So thankfully, I got some pictures.

The catering at this reception was actually pretty on point. Right upon entry, the smell of garlic and pasta greeted me and led be to a table where two pasta dishes were being prepared and plated (bowled?) After an explanation from the chef, I took one of each.

The veggie risotto was well-cooked and hearty, with nice flavour. Mushrooms, carrots, herbs, all good. But the penne, omg it was so good. Rich flavour, shaved cheese, tasty tasty, but there was a secret unexpected ingredient -- pretty sure it was cinnamon -- that made it so good. Reminds me of when, in my youth, I did potatoes on the bbq with cinamon (cooked in foil with butter). Fam was skeptical until they tasted it - delish. I may need to try to replicate this pasta myself at home. A light touch will be key. But well done and a nice treat.

Some pass appies came by, including a shrimp spring roll and beef on a bun.

On my second trip to the food table, I passed on the poutine being assembled on site but talked the chef into putting some curds on a mini-bratwurst for me -- and got agreement without hesitation. Some of the millenials will call it a food hack but that's stupid -- hacking is for computers. This isn't just putting cheese on a brat. Chicago has been doing that for generations. It was good. And a quality bun too with some chew, which was a pleasant surprise.

I stopped by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Reception but didn't get any shots of the pass appies. And the Canadian Cattleman were down the street at SJAM for their annual beefy reception, but alas, I had filled up already.

Here's hoping everyone listens to the medical professionals and we're all back to normal again soon. I still have some past meals to blog, and then I guess it will be more home cooking reviews. Be well, my foodie friends.

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