Thursday, April 09, 2020

Eating in quarantine: How to get crispy chicken wings at home

Chicken wings are the traditional bar food, although as I've written in the past I wouldn't consider Ottawa a wing town. However, since I won't be going out for wings any time soon, I've been experimenting with my at home wing technique, and how to get an appropriately crispy wing.

The secret I've discovered, which I will share with you, is to double dredge. That is, to dredge nit just once, but twice. It will take some prep time and prior planning, but we have plenty of time these days.

To make your dredge, start with some flour in a bowl. Add whatever dry spices you have on hand and would like to. In my case, to my flour I added corn starts, garlic power, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Stir it all to combine and your dredge is ready.

Now, get dredging. Circulate each wing piece (which you have already patted dry with paper towel) through your dredge, shake off the excess, and place on a plate.

Then take your plate of dredged wings and place them in the fridge for about an hour.

About an hour later, you will see that some of the coating has soaked in and more pink is showing than what we saw before. So do another dredge, and back intot he fridge for another hour.

Then you're ready to go. You can bake or you can deep fry. Baking is certainly healthier but won't be as crispy and won't replicate that bar wing we're going for. Since I do this just twice a month, I go with the deep fry for six to eight minutes to get these nice golden crispy wings, ready for saucing.

Sauce is the second key to good wings. I picked up some wing sauce at Farm Boy's that promised a mix of hot sauce and blue cheese. I sauced and tossed them in the bowl before plating. It was tastyl but I was trying to not go too saucy and the wings really soaked up the sauce. In two weeks I'll go heavier on the sauce, but it was a tasty treat certainly on par with bar wings.

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