Thursday, May 11, 2006

More lighter side: Colbert nails gun control and the Nazi card

Just watching last night’s episode of The Colbert Report, and there’s some great stuff that’s particularly timely for us up here in Canada as is touches on two issues that have seen some discussion lately: gun control, and the Nazi card in political debate.

It comes during Colbert’s interview with Republican Congressman Lee Terry of Nebraska’s 2nd District (The Fightin’ Second!), and there’s video available here. This first excerpt below touches on gun control, and Terry’s statements are nearly word for word the standard talking points I hear from gun registry advocates in Canada as well.

Colbert: The NRA gave you an A on your voting. Why not an A+ sir?
Terry: I don’t know.

Colbert: What is the most absurd thing about gun registration gun registry, the 72-hour waiting period, trigger locks…what part of that is most laughable?

Terry: The people that are compliant to those laws are the ones that are not the problem. You’re just focusing laws on the good people and philosophically I don’t think that’s appropriate.

Colbert: I agree. Good people shouldn’t have (pause) laws.

Terry: Let’s focus on the crime, and the use of the gun in that crime.

Colbert: Exactly. Too many people forget that passing laws doesn’t stop crime.

Terry: No.

Colbert: Right. So stop having laws. I mean you might get a little less crime, because it wouldn’t be illegal then.

Terry: No but, you know…

Colbert (interrupts): Let’s move on…

With satire Colbert does a great job of debunking the standard Conservative line about gun control laws: only the law abiding citizens follow the law, criminals ignore them. Ummm...that's why we call them criminals. By this logic why have any laws?

A little later, while discussing Terry’s support of alternative fuels, and in particular hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Colbert shows a clip of the hydrogen-powered Hindenburg. I’ll let the rest speak for itself.

Colbert: That was the Hindenburg, Congressman. Congressman, you are aware that the zeppelins were made by Nazis?

Terry: I knew they had some, yeah.

Colbert: I’m not suggesting you are a Nazi. I’m just saying you support
some of the Nazis’ aims
Terry: Of alternative fuels?

Colbert: I’m just saying you might want to hitch your wagon to a different person than Hitler…
<snip, Colbert shows a picture of burning mini-zeppelins in downtown New York>
Terry: I see fuel-efficient vehicles.
Colbert: On fire.

Terry: While you see flames and carnage I see power and energy.

Colbert: That’s what the Nazis wanted. Will to power.

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Anonymous said...

THe only use of the "nazi" card I've heard was an exchange my husband had with his father who is pretty religious. They were fighting and his dad said something about the bible and a son must obey his father. My husband asked, "But what if your father is Hilter? Silence. End of discussion.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

A national poll conducted by Quick Research Group determined conclusively that not only is Stephen Colbert unfunny, he is pathetically unfunny. Embarrassingly unfunny.

More at:

Anonymous said...

It seems that hard-core Republicots and Republicot supporting members of MSM are dogpiling their views at that site. Other than their views, the majority of intelligent, open-minded people think Colbert is hysterically funny 'at times.'
It's true.
I looked it up.
And I feel it in my gut.

Jeff said...

I guess some people just can't handle the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Besides Richard, those sound like facts, and this is a no fact zone. We don't need to hear from the factanistas. Like Burl said I know Colbert is funny, because I feel it in my gut.

foottothefire said...

EVERYBODY KNOWS, Colbert is funny!

Unknown said...

Great, another slippery slope argument for gun control. The thing about the criminals that are breaking laws we have now is that they're leaving victims. If I have a certain feature on a rifle I have for target shooting, such as a pistol grip stock, and a threaded muzzle brake to make it shootable for the girl I live with, being prosecuted for that would leave me both the criminal for having a firearm that's shaped wrong, and the victim of a government becoming more and more oppressive, and fearing that I may, some day, want to defend America from the domestic enemies that strive to undermine the rights guaranteed to us in the constitution.