Monday, July 17, 2006

Liberals call nomination meeting in Emerson's riding

The LPC(BC) has scheduled a nomination meeting for July 29th to select a Liberal candidate for the riding of Vancouver-Kingsway, which is held by turncoat Conservative cabinet minister and "softwood savior" David Emerson.

You may recall Emerson was elected under the Liberal banner, promising Stephen Harper he'd be his "worst enemy." Just days after the election though Emerson was negotiating to cross the floor into his enemy's arms, and was sworn into Harper's cabinet.

The news of a nomination meeting is interesting. I'm not aware of any other Liberal nomination meetings having been scheduled, and I read recently the Conservatives haven't either. Clearly they have a candidate or two in place.

I like this strategy. Let's get a Liberal candidate in place and they can start campaigning now, and speaking-up for the thousands of constituents who elected a Liberal, not a Conservative, and were disenfranchised by Emerson's floor crossing. Shadowing him every time he's back in the riding. Nice work.

Side note, with the Conservatives likely to stop protecting sitting members from nomination challenges will Emerson even be able to win the Conservative nomination, assuming he still wants it?

Follows the press release from LPC(BC):

For Immediate Release
Nomination Meeting Called for the Riding of Vancouver-Kingsway

Vancouver (July 17, 2006) - Today, the Liberal Party of Canada (BC), on the call of BC Election Readiness Chair, Sharon Apsey, and with the approval of the National Election Readiness Co-Chairs, Mike Eizenga and Lucienne Robillard, issued notice for a nomination meeting in the federal riding of Vancouver-Kingsway.

"Liberal voters in Vancouver-Kingsway were disenfranchised by David Emerson's stunning decision to cross the floor just days after the last election," said LPC (BC) President Jamie Elmhirst. "The executive of the Vancouver-Kingsway Riding Association has consistently asked for an early nomination meeting to help provide a positive outlet for voters' anger and frustration."

The nomination meeting will take place on Saturday, July 29, 2006 at the Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC (33rd and Victoria Drive). Voter registration begins at 12:00 PM and will end at 5:00 PM.

Potential nomination candidates have until 5:00 PM on July 21st to seek approval from BC's Election Readiness Co-ordinator, Sharon Apsey and the Green Light Committee. To vote in the nomination, local members must have joined the party on or before July 14, 2006.

This notice is being published providing notice according to Section 11.0 of the Nomination Rules for British Columbia and is hereby made available to all eligible voting members of Vancouver - Kingsway Electoral District

Members of the Liberal Party of Canada (BC) will be required to show identification proving both identity and residency to the satisfaction of the Returning Officer. In order to establish identity, at least one piece of identification shall be photo identification. Members must establish residency at the residential address on the Party's membership list.

UPDATE: Sean Hollman at Public Eye Online reported last month that Wendy Yuan was seeking the nomination. He reports today she's still the only known candidate although more may still come forward by this Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the NDP can entice Emerson, or the Green Party - he's a politician up for grabs.