Friday, July 28, 2006

MSM picking-up Harper’s Middle East fundraising

The Canadian Press now has a story on the wire about the Conservative Party of Canada fundraising e-mail sent out yesterday soliciting soliciting funds based on Harper’s handling of the still ongoing crisis in the Middle East, which has seen at least eight Canadians killed so far, and bombs still falling.

I’ll let you read it but I will point out that while the author of the letter, CPC executive director Michael Donison, couldn’t be reached for comment, an unnamed “senior Conservative source” (why not go on the record Sandra?) not only refused to apologize for the letter, but actually defended it:

But a senior Conservative source made no apologies for the executive director's pitch.

"The point of the letter is to remind Canadians that they have a prime minister that's able to make decisions and at times those decisions may be tough," the source said.

I’d like to know why this Prime Minister made the decision to send out this letter, and use an ongoing war as a fundraising pitch. That wasn’t a tough decision Stephen, that was an easy one. It's wrong.

Tories use Harper's stand on Middle East conflict to pitch for donations
July 28, 2006 - 18:30

OTTAWA (CP) - Conservatives are trying to turn Prime Minister Stephen Harper's principled stand on the Middle East conflict into a money-maker for the party.

Using the Lebanese turmoil - in which hundreds of civilians, including at least nine Canadians, have been killed - to make a fundraising pitch has drawn the ire of at least one Liberal leadership hopeful.

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Robert said...

It's good that at least one of the Leadership candidates publically responded to this one.

Jeff said...

Indeed, it's good communications that Kennedy's team saw the story and fired out a press release, but really this isn't a leadership issue. Bill Graham or someone should be out front, on behalf of the party, speaking on this.

wilson said...

Silly Liberals. They just helped the CPC raise funds, with the help of MSM.

Anonymous said...

silly wilson61 (since when did we ask for IQs beside our tag-names?)... it isn't the liberals, their leaders or msm that you tory grave robbers should be scared of. Its the reaction from a good many members of the conservative party who find this disgusting and distasteful to the utmost. Oh by the way, every time you hear that bee buzz off the tinfoil you are wearing on your head, an irate electorate is sending money to the Liberals or NdP to make sure your stay in the sun, promoting war and hate, is a short one...