Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Liberal media my behind

There's a new chairman of the board at CanWest Global, owners of the Global Television Network, the National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald…well, let's just say they're the biggest media conglomerate in Canada.

And who is this new chairman of this Liberal media monstrosity, you ask? Maybe Jane Fonda or Cathy Sheean? Nope, it's none other than Derek Burney.

Highly qualified for the position, Mr. Burney is senior strategic adviser to the law firm of Ogilivy Renault and is a Visiting Professor and Senior Distinguished Fellow at my alma matter, Carleton University. He was also Brian Mulroney's Chief of Staff, but that was years ago.

There's one item missing from his CanWest supplied bio though:

Statement by Prime Minister elect Stephen Harper

24 January 2006

OTTAWA – Statement by Prime Minister elect Stephen Harper:

“The Conservative transition team will be led by Derek H. Burney, who served previously as Canada's Ambassador to the United States and as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Mr. Burney will be assisted by a group with extensive experience in government. Their main objective will be to ensure a smooth transition from the outgoing to the incoming administration."


As I said, I don't doubt Mr. Burney's qualifications, I'm sure he'll do a great job. I just bring it up as another piece of evidence, in addition to, you know, the actual coverage by CanWest properties, that this whole Liberal media bias stuff is crap.

Unfortunately though, as Mr. Burney wasn't successful in getting Harper to lift the government lobbying ban on transition team members, he can't ask Steve to do something about this whole government fight with the press gallery and maybe backoff on this question list thing. Although, given recent developments, no lobbying may be necessary after all.

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Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha, You definetly nailed this one Bcer.

I have a feeling Conservatives will be hearing about this one when the media biased question comes in.

Good find.

S.K. said...

ok you've disabled comments on your Iggy isn't stickin around post so I'll comment here. Cerberus has pulled his post on the subject. Gee I wonder who told him to do that?

Jeff said...

Shoshana, I'm not sure how that happened but I rechecked the settings and it is working now.

Jeff said...

And Cerberus' post is still up, it's under the updated endorsements post.