Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This heightened security is getting silly!

I'm going to New York next week on a business trip (first time in the Big Apple) and luckily I'll have some time on my own to explore the city while I'm there.

One of the things I'd like to do is the tour of the NBC studios at 30 Rock. While researching it today though, I came across this note on the tour page of the NBC Web site. Bolding is mine.

Due to security reasons, we cannot allow people with firearms to go on the tour. We also ask that you limit bags and packages to a minimum in order to expedite the security process.

I bet a bottle of water is out now too. Damm you Osama! All I'll say is this: you're lucky Conan! :)

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Zac said...

No firearms eh?

I guess I'm too Canadian because I just see that as a given. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

So far looks like The Next Agenda is the only ones talking about this in the progressive blogosphere. What say you?