Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Canadiens to retire Ken Dryden's #

Word today that the Montreal Canadiens plan to retire Ken Dryden's jersey #29 to the rafters of the Bell Centre this coming season. Nice news to have for your candidate a few weeks before delegate selection, n'est pas?

Now, if Mark et al could only get the Habs to schedule the ceremony for just before the leadership convention, which is also, convieniently, in Montreal. Maybe the Saturday HNIC game, Nov. 25, against the Flyers? (Which reminds me, screw you Bobby Clarke!) That would be nice timing!

In other news, I hear that the Universite de Montreal has chosen this semester to retire Professor Stephane Dion's tweed jacket with leather shoulder patches to the rafters of the faculty club.

But seriously, congrats to Ken. :)

P.S. But if he thinks this will make us forget Yankee-Burgergate, he should think again!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Liberals should take note about the great possibilities with a January retirement of Ken's number 29...our new leader could become the 11th Canadien to have his number retired and the latest along with Serge Savard since Guy Lafleur in 1985. What a 'buzz' and 'renewal' opportunity for the party if it could humble up and fess up to the fact that Ken is the only 'Star' canditdate. The emotion and excitement that would be felt amongst Habs fans ... all hockey fans could lift the party into instant preparedeness to be able to take on Harper and beat him in one election after that. Ken is the only candidate the Conservatives are scared of in this Leasership race.

What could compare to this in January if another candidate won? Iggy reopening the consitution? Dion continuing to piss off most Quebecers by sicking Canada onto them? Rae being accepted generally but rejected amongst voters in Ontario? More Kennedy spin that he is ahead?

This would be like Ken's coming out party to Canada (everyone loves Ken) and an opportunity for the Liberals to start again with a leader who is known to have integrity - the opposite of those with big party machines and questionable campaign practices. Why pass up a 'slingshot' to create political momentum when one is available?

Would the collectively interested Liberals please come forward and do the right thing already ...

Edgewater Views said...

There certainly was a 'buzz' about Ken's number being retired in the morning in downtown Montreal where I am most days - the leak about Ken's 29 was front page news in many Quebec newspapers ... congrats to Ken. I like and respect him alot.

Unfortunately the mood soured after mid-day with that horrible incident at Dawson. It was really really sombre as one might imagine after that.

Anonymous said...

I think SB, err 'anonymou' has some good points. Ken has a special place in the hearts of Habs fans, and as you know in Vancouver, they are everywhere (by the way, what ever happened to that guy who use to chant, from the back of the Forum, 'Go Habs Go!' 1960s-80s?)... Unfortunately, during all those years Ken didn't pick up commendable french, which I bet he's wishing he had.
That's the big difference maker, apparently... And its what has kept Cesare Maniago out of the race, too;^)