Thursday, October 26, 2006

And now it’s time to play our game...

Let's play the fun new game that has been sweeping the nation since, oh, February-ish. It's Canada’s fastest growing quiz sensation, and it's called Spot the Conservative Flip-Flops. Here's how to play:

1. Read the article below. It’s fun, it’s all about Conservative staffers and secret trips on government Challenger Jets.

2. Count the number of flip-flops from previous statements and deeply held Conservative principles (no laughing in the back!) made by CPC spokespeople in the article, and for bonus points the number of violations of government policy and regulation revealed.

3. Post the number of flip-flops you find in the comments section. And remember to show your work.

4. If you're Peter McKay, feel free to reply: There is no article, what article do you speak of, I don't see any American tanks at the airport, I was just there this morning, that's crazy!

And please, as David Letterman always says, remember this is an exhibition not a competition so please, no wagering!

PMO officials not required to publicly post cost of Challenger flights: Tories


OTTAWA (CP) - Conservatives who once excoriated the Liberals for hiding the cost of the government's "flying limousines" are defending two senior staffers who failed to disclose a flight on the Challenger jet.

Ian Brodie, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff, and transition team leader Derek Burney flew to Washington in mid-March to try to jump-start negotiations on the softwood lumber impasse. The secret trip came to light through media investigations about a week later.

But no expense record of the excursion was posted by either of the men, despite a Treasury Board policy called Proactive Disclosure that requires all ministers and senior staff to post travel and hospitality expenses quarterly.


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