Friday, October 27, 2006

Question of the day -- Pastries

It's Friday, and most of our hardworking MPs fled Ottawa yesterday for the airport and a long weekend in their ridings, making Friday QP a generally dull affair. Still, that's no excise to mail it in today, epically with important issues such as this facing Canadians.

So, here's today's question:

Mr. Speaker, for years Tim Horton's has been an institution in Canada. An apple fritter and a large double double has sustained many a hockey Mom and Dad through many a 5:30 am minor hockey practice.

It turns out though that the pucks were not the only things once frozen at those hockey rinks. The donuts were frozen too. Apparently Tim Horton's is no longer baking its donuts in its restaurants, but is instead baking them in central locations and shipping them frozen to each store, making a mockery of its "Always Fresh" motto.

I'd like to ask the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Mr. Speaker, just why is she sitting idly by while a piece of Canadiana is frozen? Why won't she stand up for Canadians, and our donuts?

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Olaf said...

Although not a crown corporation,
I think it's far more important that the government somehow put the company under the access to information act, so that I can find out the recipe to said apple fritter. Still, a very very good question.

Jason Hickman said...

I'm up to my eyes at work today, so I'll just have to quickly note that the story you linked to says that FrozenDonutGate began 5 freakin' years ago. Another mess left behind for Canada's New Government to clean up!

Shouldn't this have been something Belinda Stronach could have addressed during the few breaks she took in her workaholic handling of the democratic renewal file when she was in cabinet? After all, she strikes me as a Tim Hortons kind of gal (oh crap - can I still use the phrase "gal"?) - I'm honestly surprised this escaped her notice.

I'll tell you what, as much of a Tory as I am, none of this would have happend if you Liberals hadn't shoved Herb Gray out the door back in early '02. Ol' Herb, God bless him, wasn't the sort of Latte Liberal who'd let Timmies go to hell in a handbasket. Of course, his solution probably would've been to nationalize the whole chain...

Jeff said...

We should never have let the Americans buy the company though Olaf, because now the secret reciepe can be turned over to the FBI under the Patriot Act.

Jason, as soon as we learned of this we called in the auditor general to investigate, and we've cooperated fully with the RCMP on their donut probe. Believe me, we are Mad As Hell (TM).

ottlib said...

Yep, the Mounties were very interested in the investigation and have been visiting Tim Horton's outlets across the country to investigate these apple fritters.

RCMP spokesmen have stated that it will take several dozen officers years to investigate them all. As well, she states that it is a very difficult case leading to stress related health problems, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart problems.

So Jason, I guess the Liberals will take the responsibility back when they win the next election in the spring. :)

Jason Hickman said...


Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think a more likely result is that in response to NDP inquiries, the RCMP will accidentally fax a letter intended for Jack Layton to the editor of the Toronto Sun on Easter Sunday, saying that Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae is under investigation for the whole mess. Say hello to (an even bigger) Harper majority!

Jason Hickman said...

By the way, Jeff, not to "thread-jack", but there's been an interesting development on something you posted about earlier.