Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogging from Montreal

Well, it's been seven leadership-blogging free days now so I can finally break my leadership fast. I must say though, staying away from writing about leadership topics has been good for the soul.

And it was an eventful week too, and not just for members of Leafs Nation…er, I mean Maple Leaf fans. As far as this whole nation thing goes, let me just say I agree wholeheartedly with people much smarter than I, such as Paul Wells, Andrew Coyne, Warren Kinsella, the Big D himself and many, many, many others...

Also, I was having breakfast this morning and my cherios began to move, forming the face of our late great former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. Mr. Trudeau dit:

"For god's sake, I've been dead for like six years. I know I was a kick ass Prime Minister, but get over it. I'm in heaven now, and I'm busy entertaining the young ladies. Merde, let me rest in peace, or you can just watch me do some serious haunting!!"

In other news, with my leadership juices recharged I'm on my way to Montreal. Well, not now, but in a month's time. Not as a delegate, alas, but I've been offered media accreditation to attend as a blogger. I'm happy to see the LPC reaching out to the blog community in this way. It's a very positive step, and I'd like to thank them for the invite. My apartment also thanks them, as I won't have to spend my furniture fund on a delegate fee.

So, I'll be at the convention with laptop in tow, blogging all the way with wall to wall coverage, plus lots of previews in the coming weeks. Once the show starts, watch this corner for in depth features on hospitality suite food and drink selection, fashion critiques of leadership candidate suit and tie combos (blue shirts are out this fall gentlemen and lady) and other news the Main Stream Media doesn't want you to know.

But seriously, does anyone heading to Montreal want to share a hotel room, or does anyone in Montreal want to let a blogger crash on their floor in exchange for a selection of some of Ontario's finer lagers? Let me know: jjedras(at)

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Zac said...


I'm going with a gaggle of young Libs so our room is pretty full already (6 at last count - the Holday Inn Montreal should love that) but we should get together for a drink at the convention, since we didn't get a chance during the LPCO.

Lolly said...

I'm happy now. :)

Not going to Montreal and the best part of all will be checking out A BCer blogspot for all the real important stuff of Leadership.

A View From The Left said...

Hey, looks like we’re going to be media together. I’ve already got a room so you’re welcome to bunk with me if you want, provided you don’t snore :P

Jeff said...

While I don't believe it, I have heard rumours that I tend to snore from time to time, so I'd probably better not subject you to that. Thanks though. I'm checking out the hostel situation, and aeroplan points are another strong possibility.